13 Wine eCommerce brands you should know

Some are direct-to-consumer, some are subscription based, some are served in a can, others are natural.

Wine & eCommerce is the new hot pairing. Makes sense, being that wine is just as much about branding & positioning as it is about the product. Some of these are direct-to-consumer, some of these a subscription based businesses, some are served in a can, others are natural - You’ll find a little bit of everything in this list. 

Here are 13 brands selling wine online 

1. Empathy Wines

Based out of California, they work with some of the most respected growers in Northern California’s emerging regions to source only the highest quality grapes. They sell the wine direct-to-consumer and skip the middlemen so you don’t have to pay extra. 

Empathy Wines
Empathy Wines

2. Plot Wines 

Operating out of Australia, Plot Wines sources Grapes from the best growers and makers in Australia. Bottles that everyone would nod their heads to. Same idea here: skip the middlemen, keep it affordable. 

Plot Wines
Plot Wines

3. The Wonderful Wine Co

Wonderful Wines is born from health-conscious winemakers who care about what we put into our bodies. Their family of clean wines are vegan-friendly, diet-friendly, and earth-friendly, which is a long way of saying, they’re basically as good as wine gets.

wonderful wines
Wonderful Wines

4. Wine List

The Wine List is a UK operation that sends you  2, 6 or 12 bottles of wine every month. All wines are produced by small and independent vineyards. It’s fun, educational, and delicious. 

Wine List
Wine List

5. Wine Post

Monthly subscription of wine bottles. Answer a few questions and let their expert pick out bottles for you to try every month. Provide feedback, and the recommendations will improve with time. 

Wine Post
Wine Post

6. Surely Wines

The first non-alcoholic wine. Rather than bottling a poor wine imitation, they've partnered with the finest winemakers in Sonoma, California to make wine. Then, they’ve simply removed the alcohol. What's left is a non-alcohol wine that tastes like the real thing.

Surely Wines
Surely Wines

7. VineBox
VineBox let’s you taste the best wines of the season, every season. They send you 9 wines, that you consume by the glass, every 3 months to keep your palate fresh and satisfied. It keeps you on your toes to educate yourself on wine, while removing the burden of uncorking whole bottles. 


8. A Glass Of

Coming out of Australia, “A Glass Of” invites sommeliers from Australia’s leading restaurants to choose five of their favourite wines. From there, they package up those wines into pouches that fill a glass each and ship them for free to your door. 

A Glass Of
A Glass Of

9. Maivino

Vegan wines packaged in innovative pouches that keep them fresh for up to 32 days after opening. The packaging also reduces the wine's carbon footprint by 80%. 


10. Usual Wines

Natural wines made in small, sustainably farmed batches with no additives. The grapes are curated from the healthiest, tastiest crops each season with minimal intervention. They come packaged in small bottles so you don’t waste any wine. 

Usual Wines

11. Good Pair Days

A wine subscription company that ships you wines based on your tastes. Start by taking a palate quiz to uncover three wines paired with your personal tastes. From there, provide ongoing feedback on the wines to improve the recommendations over time. 

Good Pair Days
Good Pair Days

12. Nice Wine

Wine in a can. Try the sauvignon blanc can, the pale rose or their malbec. Store em in your fridge and drink them wherever you’d like. A convenient way to enjoy your vino. 

Nice Wine

13. Nati Wines

Handpicked natural wines based on your tastes, delivered monthly and in a can. Their canned wines are eco-friendly, easily packable for a hike or a road trip, and a better bang for your buck.

Nati Wines
Nati Wines