3 tools for D2C subscription analytics

3 top tools for eCommerce subscription analytics

I work with a number of D2C businesses who are trying to crack subscriptions to increase LTV. It’s tricky business because if you don’t fully understand your customers’ individual purchase patterns you will fall in the trap of overselling. 

If you oversell, you kill your LTV. Because a customer wakes up with 2 much of your product, freaks out and cancels their subscription. Much better to undersell for longer periods of time and even better to truly understand what is the right cadence and volume for every customer. 

For the businesses who are graduating from Shopify + Recharge + Google Analytics, and often powered by LittleData to support the discrepancy - I recommend 3 tools to look at: 

None of these tools are cheap by the way. Book a demo with them to understand the pricing, but once you graduate from LittleData, it’s likely because you’re generating decent MRR (+$30-50K) - and you should have a budget to spend on a good analytics solution. 

Yaguara speaks the D2C language fluently. Their entire team is focused on increasing LTV via strong D2C analytics. Notable brands using Yaguara include Ugly Drinks, Branch and Urban Stems.

ProfitWell is really famous for subscription analytics. They’re software is used by high performance SaaS businesses and D2C businesses alike. Notable brands using ProfitWell include Quip, Winepost and Yumi others. 

Metrilo is slightly less talked about but is definitely one to speak with. Though originally created for WooCommerce businesses, they now have a Shopify app too. They do also add in a few bits of tech around email automation - is it a distraction if you’re happy with Klaviyo?.... Maybe. But check them out nonetheless.