4 Best Referrals Apps for eCommerce

The 4 best customer referral solutions in D2C

4 Best Referrals Apps for eCommerce

Referral marketing is something we see quite a bit of in D2C. Referrals usually come in 2 forms: Pre-launch referrals, and standard referrals. Pre-launch referrals are for when you’re trying to grow your email list (like Harry’s and Robinhood famously did) and standard referrals are for when you’re trying to get your paying customers to become advocates. 

In this post, I’ll be talking about the latter: Standard referrals. The software I recommend for this is different than the software I would have recommended to grow your email list (but if you’re looking for that, check out Sparkloop). 

For your program to work, you need good storytelling, carefully thought out incentives, and most importantly: good design and great functionality. To get the last bit right, you need a great tool. What you’ll notice in this post, is that most brands are using a very similar Give 10 / Get 10 approach. This isn’t the only approach you should consider, Whoop for example set up an offer that would give existing customers a free month of subscription, while giving new customers $30 off - it’s a massive hit. See the Talkable case study here

Here are the 4 best referral marketing solutions


Brief summary: They offer everything you’d need in a customer referral solution. Refer in exchange for points, credits, rewards, products - the whole lot. You can even segment who will see which referral program based on their user data, so one loyal customer may see a different offer than a less loyal one. Talkable integrate with every major tool, including Shopify, Attentive for SMS, Klayviyo for email and Recharge for subscription to name a few. Where they shine is in their customer support. Their team takes pride in offering excellent services to help you get the most out of their solution. Their Shopify app is self-serve though - but the other enterprise deals are not. One last thing: They’re really good at preventing fraud: You will have clever trolls who find a way to game your referral offer, but Talkable knows how to spot and prevent that behavior, which saves you money. 

# of brands used: 92

Key clients: Function of Beauty, Olipop, Pura Vida

Pricing: Free Shopify App, but most customers are on a paid enterprise plan of +$2.5k/mo

Here's what it looks like: 

Olipop referral, by Talkable
Olipop referral, by Talkable


Brief summary: Friendbuy, much like Talkable and MentionMe focuses on the enterprise customer. Their team will take your branding assets and strategize on the best possible referral program to drive you the most value. For example: Thinx had an existing Give 10 / Get 10 program, but customers couldn’t “stack” rewards, meaning if a customer referred 5 friends they would receive 5 x $10 coupon as opposed to a $50 one. But the Friendbuy team investigated and reconfigured the software integration to enable that. What’s more is that their app has direct integrations to Shopify and Shopify Plus + is connected to many apps including Attentive, Iterable, Okendo & Segment. They’re also very proud of their fraud detection technology which prevents wastage of budget, and they uniquely give you the ability to A/B test several campaigns concurrently. 

# of brands used: 121

Key clients: Magic Spoon, Thinx, Outdoor Voices

Pricing: Custom based on sales volume. Starts at $249/mo if you’re doing less than $100k/mo

Here's what it looks like: 

Magic Spoon referral on friendbuy


Brief Summary: Finally MentionMe - I’ve never had a formal demo with the team, but the software is used by some excellent businesses listed below. They are based in the UK - And that’s worth taking into consideration because since they only offer enterprise / white glove contracts - you will most likely be interacting with a team based out of the UK. Their direct integrations are a little light, but like the others - their team will likely be able to establish new integrations to get your business: For ex: You will definitely want to connect your review app, and you may not be using Trustpilot (the one they connect to). The other 2 highlights are the segmentation and the analytics. You can pick out which customers get to see which referral offers and you can track your program’s performance in a strong dashboard. 

# of brands used: 16

Key clients: Pasta Evangelists, Huel, Spoke

Pricing: Starting at $15k / year 

Here's what it looks like: 

Pasta Evangelists by Mention Me
Pasta Evangelists by Mention Me

Conjured Referrals

Brief summary: Conjured is perfect for the business that’s keeping lean and is experimenting in growth. It’s a completely self-serve solution and is extremely easy to implement. Their customer support team is so helpful and friendly, so you never feel alone in getting started. The design flexibility is very strong and the integrations are fairly limited to the standard apps like ReCharge & Klaviyo. 

How it looks: 

# of brands used: 53

Key clients: Hilma, Cure, Otherland 

Pricing: Starting at $29/mo

Here's what it looks like: 

Hilma referral, by Conjured
Hilma referral, by Conjured

If you’re looking for self-serve, cheaper options - I really recommend Conjured. The others like Referral Candy, Smile.io etc are ok - but I personally prefer Conjured. 

Hope this narrows down the choice for y’all!