Solving Subscription:

Enabling frictionless re-ordering with stickers

Through 1-800-D2C I meet fantastic entrepreneurs across the spectrum in D2C. D2C operators and entrepreneurs like Amin from Bomani and Matt from Temple, but also D2C enablers like Daniel from Slerp

A few weeks back I met another fascinating entrepreneur: Saul Sampson, the founder of Verbo. In chatting I quickly became excited because we talked about one of my obsessions: Fixing subscriptions. 

Verbo is an innovative solution that solves for subscription by enabling consumers to re-order by tapping a product with their phone.

I actually dislike the term “innovative solution” because it sounds like a project that will never see the light of day - But Verbo sent me a product to test their solution and this stuff works…. Very very well. So pay attention - you should probably jump on this. 

I’ll keep this short: 

What is it? 

Verbo is a solution for customers to reorder products without going back on a website. It’s a little like the Amazon Dash buttons (made some waves a few years back) - But much better. The issue with those Dash buttons was that the consumer never got feedback post-clicking the dash button. They never knew whether they re-ordered one-time, or 3 times… Quite anxiety-inducing - But the thinking was there. 

Amazon Dash Buttons

How does it work?

It’s a sticker. That’s it. A sticker that a brand sticks on their products. They offer QR codes too. All that the consumer has to do is tap the sticker with their phone - from there, they’ll be prompted to do a 1 click purchase via Apple Pay.
Sticker on (top)
One-click re-order with Verbo
Why is it a game-changer?

Do you really consume toiletries at the same cadence every month? I certainly don’t. I get it, recurring revenue sounds nice (in principal), and the alternative (1 time orders) is unattractive financially.  But the reason your 1 time order consumers aren’t coming back isn’t because your product sucks - It’s simply because they don’t read your reorder email prompts sent via Klaviyo. And when they do read your email, they have to decide whether or not they should go through an entire online purchase journey all over again to get your product - which is a hard “no” for many consumers. 

So subscription is broken, and 1 time orders are unattractive because of the friction in re-ordering. But Verbo changes that re-order dynamic completely by using physical in-person cues to prompt re-orders (as opposed to emails) and reduces the path to purchase with a 1 click checkout (as opposed to going back through an entire funnel). When you see that you're running out of coffee, just tap the container and boom - that’s it. Perfectly frictionless reordering, which drives LTV. 

Leave it to you to take action ;)