Third Party Logistics companies for Direct-to-Consumer

For 3rd party logistics, there are 4 apps that keep popping up for me.

Third Party Logistics companies for Direct-to-Consumer

The great thing about our new world of eCommerce, is that we don’t need to do all the work. There’s almost an app for everything - it’s easy to plug your operation into existing logistics networks and operate like a fully-fledged business, but on a small budget. 

For 3rd party logistics, there are 4 apps that keep popping up for me. They’re all US based, so if you’re based in the EU, or anywhere else for that matter - I suggest you use the terminology you find on those sites listed to find similar businesses in your area. 

Here’s the big 4: 

  1. Airhouse
  2. Ohi
  3. Shippo
  4. Passport

Airhouse is a really good one to look at. I’ve never used them, but I demo’d with the founder a few months ago and was super impressed. It’s extremely transparent, simple and flexible. If you don’t know anything about shipping D2C products nationwide, I highly recommend a demo with them. Don’t just take my word for it. Brands like Not Pot, Caldo and Common Era all use Airhouse. 

Ohi is one of the most popular pieces of “The D2C stack”. They focus on last mile logistics, so instead of shipping goods across the country, you can ship goods locally highly efficiently and in under 2 hours. It’s like Amazon Prime but you don’t pay exuberant fees. Right now, they operate in Chicago, Brooklyn, LA and San Francisco. 

Shippo is a US based logistics business. They help you get the best rates from the top carriers (UPS, Fedex, USPS etc) + all the extra equipment you need for professional shipping in one place. Use it to become self-sufficient at shipping in your own home/office/garage?

Passport really differentiates themselves on the international shipping front. This is especially useful for businesses in Europe, or simply larger businesses that have established a global brand such as, Nati and Koio

Logistics can be a nightmare, so take advantage of these apps to start and with time you’ll find a better solution more suited to your highly specific needs.