Tool Highlight: Octane AI Quiz

A clever way to help customers and drive sales.

Tool Highlight: Octane AI Quiz

Octane AI actually started off by offering clever automated facebook messaging features, but now one of their most popular products is their “product quiz”. 

The quiz is designed to help your customers identify the products that most fit their needs from your store. It’s a little like an “if this then that” type of questionnaire that narrows down your suggested products to give every customer a personalized product recommendation.   

This is super handy for stores with a large SKU count or stores in the field of beauty & wellness where the subtle differences between products can be difficult to pick out. 

Here’s what it looks like: 

Doe Lashes Quiz

Brands like Doe Lashes (koren eye lashes) are using it in clever ways to capture lots of emails, drive up sales and also send lots of valuable data to Klayviyo. 

What they’ve done is put the quiz link in their top nav, and in order for a customer to get the personalized recommendation, they must submit their email. Along the way - when answering questions, the data gets passed to Klayvio for future email marketing usage. So to give a concrete example: If one of the questions is “What’s your eye shape?”, I can store the data related to that user in Klayiyo and consistently send targeted emails with imagery and product recommendations based on the customers’ eye shape. 

It’s free if you want to give it a whirl and available on the Shopify app store.