Tool Review: Conjured Memberships

Tool Review: Conjured Memberships

From the makers of Conjured Referrals... Here's "memberships"

Nick & Char come from a background of building successful apps like Conjured Referrals & Conjured Subscriptions. They’re always focused on driving customer loyalty and retention. Their new app “memberships” tackles the same part of the funnel, but in an exciting new way. 

They were early to identify a gap in the market to offer merchants a way to sell loyalty programs. The customers of a brand purchase a digital subscription which unlocks exclusive access to perks. 

This is what Amazon Prime offers with free shipping or Restoration Hardware offers with a yearly $125 membership to access 25% off all of their furniture. Italic has capitalized on this trend early with a successful loyalty program called “Bold” which gives you access to thousands of discounted products for $60/year. 

Nik & Char are bullish on this new trend, and so is McKinsey: “A 2020 McKinsey survey on loyalty programs found that members of paid loyalty programs are 60 percent more likely to spend more on the brand after subscribing”

Here are some of the key features of Memberships

Out of the box you get a page and a widget for your customers to purchase their digital membership. You can have as up to 3 tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold - call them whatever you want) and offer different payment plans for the digital subscription. It’s worth noting that as with anything with this app, it’s extremely easy to customize and highly recommended to do so. Nik & Shar also offer free styling services to help you achieve the look you want for the membership page & membership dashboard - So no excuses! 

From there a customer can access their perks after logging in. They get access to a dashboard that looks like the below. This page is only accessible by logged in, paying members. Again - the conjured team will style it for you.

The magic for you as a merchant happens in the backend. Within the Shopify app, that’s where you can create the perks that you wish to offer your members. 

You’ve got a few options available to you: 

  • Free shipping: Give your customers access to unlimited free shipping access. Like Amazon Prime. 
  • Discounted products: You can apply this perk to selected products or to all products. This is exactly what Italic and Restoration Hardware offer. 
  • Free gift upon signing up: Reward customers with a treat  instantly for becoming members
  • Exclusive content: Think of this like a paying substack. Create gated blog-posts that are only accessible to paying members. 
  • Custom perks & App integrations: With this feature, you can pair your digital subscription to a piece of smart hardware to offer a membership as powerful and customized as what a business like Whoop offers

One final highlight: Conjured Memberships integrates natively with Klaviyo. Which means you can communicate with your paying members directly within Klaviyo. That’s a simple & neat integration because you can leverage it to announce new perks available to existing members with your branded emails. 

That’s the gist of it. Digital subscriptions & paid loyalty programs are definitely coming to the world of D2C and if you want to get ahead of the game - install Conjured Memberships, it’s officially live on the app store. 


PS: They've given us a 30 day free trial with the code "1800d2c" - so take advantage of it!