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minisocial is a user generated content platform that facilitates the production of UGC on-demand and at scale via micro influencers.
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Behind The Tool: Kirsten from minisocial

In this interview, I sat down and chatted with Kirsten Baumberger, one of the co-founders of mininsocial, a prominent UGC platform for D2C brands. 

Kirsten is one of the most knowledgeable and insight-packed folks in the UGC & ad creative industry – in the interview, she gives us a peek behind the minisocial tool, how she and her co-founder built the tool, how it works and her thoughts on the current state of D2C paid social ad creative. 

Let’s get started!

Kirsten, tell us a bit about your story, how minisocial was founded and why you decided to build minisocial.

minisocial truly came out of a need of mine back when I was managing digital marketing for all kinds of brands, mainly in the D2C space. 

They all had the same problem: they needed content for social, ads, etc., but did not have a huge budget to produce it. Most importantly, they needed content that would actually feel native on social platforms and that’s exactly where the idea for minisocial came! 

Kirsten Baumberger from minisocial

What are your thoughts on creative becoming the #1 key to advertiser success nowadays? Have you seen that all along? 

I feel this is 100% true. If you feel confident in your product, then the next thing you need is quality content for all of these platforms. If a consumer can’t wrap their head around what they’re buying and why they actually need your product, then it won't move the needle for them and the content won’t perform. 

UGC is such a powerful way to showcase the products in the hands of real consumers who will then resonate with your audience. 

Tell us a bit about how a minisocial campaign works on the brand side.

The first step is a brand submitting a brief letting us know a bit about them and the kinds of creators they want to partner with. From there, minisocial and our platform handles the rest! 

We’ll book up the project with a group of high-quality creators from our database who can create content that resonates and share it with their followers! We try to make it as seamless as possible for our D2C brand partners.

minisocial UGC platform

Our campaigns start at $2K for a group of 25 creators who all create content that is fully licensed to the brand. The creators also organically share the content with their followers on their preferred social platforms. We pride ourselves on being one of the most accessible, fully-managed options on the market! 

How do you think about adding new creators into the minisocial network?

The minisocial creator database has been built up over the past 5 years with creators who have a track record of producing high-quality content and a real social following who is excited to hear from them. We love adding creators to our network that have a true relationship with their audience – this is a great sign that the creator produces quality content.

It was great to chat with Kirsten about minisocial and learn about how the tool is powering some of the top D2C brands on the internet like Olipop, Nom Nom, Hydrant and more. 

If you want to learn more about minisocial and how their UGC campaigns can help drive better paid social performance for your D2C brand, click here and let them know 1-800-D2C sent you for a special discount!

More About minisocial 

Minisocial is a fully-managed platform for D2C brands that pairs them with micro influencer creators who produce user generated content (UGC) on demand and at scale. 

User generated content is such a powerful type of content because it allows D2C brands to showcase their product in use from real customers in real settings – something that is critical when trying to acquire new customers via paid social ads.

minisocial works with only the top creators out there - they’ve built up their creator network over the course of 5 years and have developed expertise in finding creators that are authentic, able to create high-performing content and know how to develop relationships with their audiences. 

The minisocial campaign creation process is simple and seamless for D2C brands. As a brand, you’ll create the brief and tell minisocial exactly what you need to see in your campaign via their brief builder.

Then, minisocial will scout the talent out for you. Based on the direction you provide, minisocial will invite top, relevant micro influencer creators to your brief and opt in if they think they’d be a good fit.

Lastly, as the creators start to produce content featuring your product, minisocial will deliver you fully-licensed assets through their platform for you to use however you see fit – organic social, branded ads or whitelisted ads. 

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Build a campaign with minisocial 

minisocial campaigns start at just $2,000 and if you tell them you came from 1-800-D2C, they’ll give you a $300 discount on your first campaign!