Behind The Tool: Zach Murray From Foreplay
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Behind The Tool: Zach Murray From Foreplay

RC Williams
Author: RC Williams
CEO of 1-800-D2C
Published on Nov 20, 2023

Connecting with Zach Murray, the founder behind Foreplay

Welcome Zach! So glad to be chatting with you today – your new tool Foreplay has seemingly been everywhere with tons of DTC brands and marketers leveraging it. 

We’re excited to learn more about it, how brands like Obvi, Cuts and Jones Road leverage the tool and your journey behind building it. Let’s go!

So, what actually inspired you to start Foreplay?

I was running an eCommerce brand Nomadic Fabrics at the time and we would have weekly meetings where our team would surface competitor ads from Facebook Ad Library. It was an incredibly messy process so after selling the brand, I wanted to build a platform to help with this creative ideation process. 

What’s the #1 problem you solve for your customers?

Our tool helps marketers and eCom operators centralise their creative research, and competitor insights into one platform to help create and iterate new ad creative. 

RC: As a growth marketer and operator myself at Rejuvia, I can attest to the fact that our competitive research is a mess - from saving ads in a Google Sheet to having a dedicated Slack channel to send Ad Library links in - Foreplay definitely can save you a lot of time, streamline inefficient processes and take your competitor insights to the next level.

You have some incredible brands using your tool. How do you go about acquiring them?

Word-of-mouth and organic growth is our number one acquisition channel. Since sharing externally is a core feature in our product, this happens very naturally. 

Foreplay’s brand and product is stunning - how did you design everything? Did you draw inspiration from other tools?

I started my career as a product and motion designer so good UI has always been my focus. My biggest inspiration is Apple and 

Who is your dream Foreplay customer/brand that you don’t already have? 

I am a watch nerd, so any of the big 3 using Foreplay would be an incredible feeling.

Zach is an incredibly talented founder and visionary for the future of ad creative, team collaboration and more. He was recently featured in another interview with Windsor about his thoughts on the future of AI and eCommerce, A/B testing and how technology is giving humans faster feedback loops when it comes to testing and learning.

Before founding Foreplay, Zach was the Director of Design at Triple Whale - the AI Smart Data Platform for eCommerce.

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