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The complete winning ad workflow for Meta, TikTok & LinkedIn. With our Chrome Extension, save ad inspiration, track competitor ad creatives, and write ad briefs with AI.


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Foreplay Features

Foreplay is a platform designed to streamline the ad creative process. It allows users to save ads from TikTok Creative Center and Facebook Ad Library, organizing them into boards for easy access. Key features include building a "Smart Swipe File" to save ads with one click, AI search & filter, manual uploads, team commenting, and embedding in Notion. Users can also collaborate on moodboards, access a vast community ad library, and utilize an AI brief generator to transform ad inspiration into actionable requests. Foreplay aims to enhance creative communication and strategy, making it a favorite among brands and agencies.

Foreplay Use Cases

Foreplay provides D2C brands with tools to enhance their advertising efforts. Users can save and organize ads from platforms like TikTok and Facebook, streamlining the creative process. The "Smart Swipe File" allows for quick ad referencing, while a vast community ad library offers inspiration and trend insights. Collaborative moodboards facilitate cohesive branding and idea sharing. The AI-driven brief generator transforms ad inspirations into actionable campaigns. Brands can monitor competitors' ads to stay ahead and ensure efficient team communication, reducing bottlenecks. The platform also supports easy exporting and sharing of creative assets.

Foreplay Pricing

Foreplay's pricing model consists of two main plans. The "Inspiration" plan, priced at $49 per month (+$20 for each additional user), allows users to discover, save, and share ads from platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. It includes features like unlimited ad saving, AI search, team commenting, and a Chrome extension. The "Full Workflow" plan, priced at $99 per month (+$20 for each additional user), encompasses all the "Inspiration" features and adds AI script writing, storyboards, custom templates, and a modular brief builder, catering to a comprehensive ad creation process. Both plans offer a 7-day free trial, and an annual subscription comes with a 10% discount.

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