Jolie believes that beauty starts with clean water. The Jolie Filtered Showerhead removes chlorine, heavy metals & other contaminants from your shower water — to improve your skin, hair and wellbeing.
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Under The Hood: Ryan From Jolie

Give us the backstory on Jolie - how did you discover the problem you’re solving? Why did it resonate so much that you built a business to solve it?

Jolie was a result of my building the digitally native footwear brand, Greats. The idea for Jolie had been years in the making but once I realized how harmful our water is to skin and hair, the bridge from there was quite short. One day I had a ‘shower thought’ to create a beauty wellness company that purifies water for better skin, hair, and wellbeing.

The beauty industry has completely overlooked the source of many of the issues they are trying to solve for including dry skin, acne, damaged/ shedding hair,  change in hair color, eczema, and more (that source being the water). This is a problem that is found in almost 100% of our public water supply, so it’s a problem worth solving. That’s where Jolie begins… Jolie is “step 0” in everyone’s routine. 

There are a lot of Jolie copycats popping up. Looking back to when you started, did you expect this? How do you mentally see it as a “win” vs. a threat? 

Copying is the greatest form of flattery and we fully anticipated it. Although, I would say we didn’t expect people to copy our tone of voice and thought they would have their own brand vision as opposed to copying ours. But our consumer is smart and knows that Jolie is the innovator in the category so it’s fine by us.

The market is so big that it would be unreasonable to think that Jolie would be the only player in the space so it’s a rising tide scenario. Jolie just happens to be the best and biggest boat.

How do you think about balancing the focus you put on strengthening your own IP and advantages against competitors vs. focusing on growing the category?  

This is a brand new market and one with a lot of white space. Our focus is on growing the category at this stage. That said, we are the only clinically tested and lab-certified filtering shower in the market at this point. 

What’s one thing about operating Jolie that you didn’t expect to be true when you initially started?

I came into this as a second time founder so there were actually quite a few expectations of what should happen. Our goal was to develop an elegant business and one that could scale and operate without a lot of baggage. We measure that in different ways but in our 2nd year in business we managed to generate $10M per full time employee. That’s pretty unique. 

Tell us about your tech stack - what are some of your favorite tools and apps you currently use? Any you can’t live without? 

It’s a great time to be an ecommerce oriented founder. There are so many tools out there that make launching and scaling a business more efficient than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. I really like Nostra as a speed optimization tool (full disclosure I am an advisor to the founder).

I think Shopify continues to get better and better. We use Smartrr for our subscription and they have been exceptionally good for us. We have surpassed $15M ARR so working with a reliable partner for this part of our business was really important.

And then Signifyd is the best in class fraud protection tool. We started seeing a ton of fraud around holiday 2024 so Signifyd really made an impact there. 

If you had to boil your success at Jolie down to one thing - a habit, culture trait, etc - what would it be? 

Culture is definitely part of our success. Our team is very lean and very self sufficient. No one needs constant management and that’s my style of management. Hire great people, give them the confidence and leeway to do great things and possibly fail without fatal damage and then get out of their way.

We make mistakes like everyone else but no one is getting yelled out or fired for trying things that may not work out. It’s worked for us at Jolie exceptionally well but it takes certain types of people to embrace this and make it work. We have that at Jolie