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Factored Quality

Factored Quality
Logistics & QC
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Factored Quality has developed software and a managed services offering help you book trained Quality Control inspectors globally. We help brands manage inline inspections, pre-shipment inspections of product, safety and compliance testing.

Factored Quality

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Factored Quality Analytics

Factored Quality turns into the single source of truth for all things QC, product testing, compliance and more for D2C brands. The dashboards and reports available in the platform offer deep insights and learnings from your data and their external API allows brands to pull all of their intricate data into their own systems in real-time. You can connect with your ERP, PO management systems, freight forwarders and more.

Factored Quality Support

Factored Quality’s QC experts are top-tier and know the space and requirements in and out. They’re able to offer guidance and recommendations on how to set up and run your QC process from start to end. Plus, Factored Quality has covered across the world, so you’ll be able to coordinate with your experts in the right timezone. The platform also has an incredible onboarding and support experience — D2C brands get assistance onboarding, customized checklists and on-call support specialists for prodct questions.

Factored Quality Pricing

Factored Quality has a transparent pricing model with three available plans depending on the brand’s needs. All of their plans outside of their Custom plan, includes monthly agreement lengths and pay-as-you-go for inspection and audit usage. The Starter Plan starts at just $125/month and the Professional Plan, for rapidly-growing D2C brands, starts at $1,250/month. Factored Quality’s Custom plan is intended for enterprise-level D2C brands and includes all of the powerful features and capabilities that the platform offers.

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