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Is this your tool? Claim it! is the platform for structured content. With you can manage your text, images, and other media with APIs. You can also use the open-source single page application Sanity Studio to quickly set up an editing environment that you can customize.


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What is Sanity?

The Sanity Composable Content Cloud offers a highly customizable solution that treats content as data, providing a powerful resource for businesses seeking to elevate their digital presence. Trusted by industry leaders like PUMA, Sonos, Skims, Figma, and more, Sanity's platform enables businesses to harness the potential of their content through data-driven approaches, facilitating the growth of their digital operations.

What Are Sanity's Key Features?

Sanity stands out with its powerful and flexible features, making it an exceptional choice for businesses in need of a versatile headless CMS. Sanity's ability to seamlessly integrate into applications like Next.js and its customizable Studio, driven by React, empowers users with unparalleled content management capabilities. However, it's worth noting that while Sanity offers extensive functionality, some users may find the documentation and APIs somewhat lacking in terms of customization options. Nevertheless, Sanity excels in providing a robust content management solution that adapts to evolving needs, with features like live previews and advanced caching capabilities.

What is Sanity's Pricing?

Sanity offers a range of pricing options to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and requirements. The "Free forever" plan provides a cost-effective entry point, making it accessible to users at no initial charge. For more extensive needs, the "Team" plan, priced at $99.00 per month, offers enhanced features and support. The "Business" plan, priced at $949.00 per month, caters to larger enterprises with more demanding content management requirements. For enterprise-level solutions, Sanity offers a customizable plan with pricing available upon request, ensuring scalability and flexibility to meet unique business demands. This diverse pricing structure makes Sanity an attractive option for businesses seeking a tailored content management solution.

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