9 D2C Brands from South East Asia

Take a look at some of the best D2Cs in Southeast Asia

9 D2C Brands from South East Asia

D2C gets a lot of coverage in the US and in Europe. In fact, the majority of the brands I cover are from those parts of the world - but that speaks more to the press I read and the venture coverage I consume than to a lack of activity elsewhere. 

I actually find eCommerce successes more interesting when they’re outside of the markets I understand most. Getting a peek into new offerings, new ways of selling online (new tools), and new operational challenges (shipping, logistics, language translations) expands my view of the world of eCommerce. 

Here, I take a look at some of the best D2Cs in Southeast Asia. If I missed your fave brands, let me know at 1800d2c@gmail.com and I’ll update this post. 

  1. From Yours Skincare (Singapore)

From Yours skincare takes its ingredients seriously. Their products are formulated by skin experts in Switzerland, 
using non-toxic and well researched active ingredients only found in the Swiss Alps.

From Yours Singapore
From Yours  (Singapore)

  1. Happy Human (Singapore)

Antibacterial cleaning tabs that work wonders to end single-use plastic waste and reduce carbon emissions. Just fill your reusable with warm, tap water and drop in your hand wash or multi-surface cleaning tabs, and start cleaning away!

Happy Human Singapore
Happy Human (Singapore) 

  1. Joi (Malaysia)

Malaysian based deodorant and shower gel brand. Every single Joi product is made with 100% natural ingredients.

Joi Malaysia
Joi (Malaysia)

  1. Sonno (Malaysia)

Operating out of South East Asia, Sonno is the perfect mattress for everyone's sleeping needs without the added cost of middle men commissions or retail store mark ups. 

Sonno Malaysia
Sonno (Malaysia)

  1. Soko (Malaysia)

Comfort-first bras you'll feel good in every day of the week. From Malaysia

Soko Malaysia
Soko (Malaysia)

  1. Sleepy Cat (India)

SleepyCat is a startup from Kolkata - providing India's first out of the box mattress. The box mattress comes compressed, rolled and shipped straight to your door. 

Sleepy Cat India
Sleepy Cat (India)

  1. Vadham Teas (India)

With a radical supply chain, Vadham eliminates unnecessary middlemen and source premium teas and superfoods from renowned gardens in India, packages them garden-fresh at an avant-garde tea facility in India and bring it to your doorstep.

Vadham Teas India
Vadham Teas

  1. Sleepy Owl (India)

100% Arabica Coffee. Add cold water and let it brew overnight. Stays fresh in your fridge for a week. Each pack makes 3 cups.

Sleepy Owl India
Sleepy Owl (India)

  1. Recess (Philipines)

Activewear for when you need to take a moment for yourself to recharge—physically, mentally and emotionally. A breathable, stretchable, ridiculously comfortable reminder to pause. 

Recess Active Wear
Recess (Philipines)

If you know any more brands that should be in this list, email me (1800d2c@gmail.com) or tweet at me (@1800D2C)