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Rebuy is the ultimate personalization platform for Shopify brands. Rebuy provides AI-powered tools to enhance customer experiences through personalized product recommendations, smart search functions, dynamic bundling, and automated marketing strategies like upselling and cross-selling. Rebuy's suite of fully-integrated tools increases revenue, average order value, and customer retention for D2C brands.


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The personalization platform for D2C brands
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What is Rebuy?

Rebuy is the ultimate ecommerce personalization platform for leading Shopify stores. Rebuy helps brands to create intelligent, personalized shopping experiences to enhance their customer experiences and increase key metrics like AOV, LTV and conversion rate.

Brands can leverage Rebuy to automate custom upsells and cross-sells through AI-powered product recommendations across the entire customer journey (homepage, product page, checkout and more).

Rebuy offers a suite of fully-automated personalization tools like Smart Search, Smart Cart, A/B Testing, Post Purchase Upsells and more.

Rebuy Smart Cart

Rebuy's Smart Cart is designed to increase conversation rate and AOV through AI-powered personalization, customization and unique integrations. Rebuy's Smart Cart is highly customizable and fully supports no-code, low-code, or custom code implementations.

Key features of Smart Cart include personalized product recommendations based on customer behavior and purchase history, integration of discount codes directly in the cart, and one-click options to switch from one-time purchases to subscriptions. Smart Cart also can help to accelerate checkouts by building payment options like PayPal and Shop Pay directly into the cart.

Smart Cart also supports advanced customization options. Brands can fully customize the cart's look and feel to match their brand through custom CSS and JavaScript adjustments. Rebuy's Smart Cart is easily the most advanced shopping cart on Shopify, complete with a dedicated app store, a developer ecosystem and over 35 pre-built integrations with leading Shopify app partners, like Klayvio, Recharge, and GovX.

Rebuy Smart Search

Rebuy Smart Search is a sophisticated AI-powered search solution for Shopify brands. Smart Search by Rebuy can greatly improve the customer shopping experience through fast, flexible, and accurate search capabilities. The tool offers personalized search results and in-search merchandising, which allows customers to discover products quickly. Smart Search offers unique features like autocomplete, keyword influence, and the ability to fine-tune search results to promote specific products.

Additionally, Smart Search includes an advanced analytics dashboard that provides insights into search performance, including top searches, products, and no-results data. The robust analytics capabilities helps merchants make data-based decisions about inventory management, marketing strategies, and overall site optimization.

Brands can fully customize Smart Search to match their store’s branding and layout preferences using out-of-the-box templates or through custom coding options.

Rebuy Data Sources

Rebuy's Data Sources are the foundation for personalizing and automating product recommendations on the platform. These data sources utilize a rules engine that employs AI and conditional logic (e.g., IF this THEN that) to display content or products based on specified conditions.

The configuration of Data Sources involves specifying criteria across various attributes such as product tags, customer behavior, cart contents, and more. For example, you can set rules based on product types, names, price ranges, or customer demographics like total spend or order count.

Advanced settings also allow integration with geographic data, enabling personalized experiences based on the shopper's location.

Rebuy Post Purchase Upsells

Rebuy's Post Purchase Upsells helps brands improve AOV and LTV through upsells immediately after a customer places an order and before they reach the "Thank You" page. It's a highly profitable placement on a brand's site and Rebuy's Upsell product helps brands capitalize on the placement through robust personalization and offer customization.

Key features of Rebuy’s Post Purchase Offers include dynamic discounts, limited-time offers, and the capability to create multiple customized flows using Rebuy's AI or custom rules to serve more relevant offers based on customer responses.

Rebuy also supports A/B testing within post-purchase offers, help brands consistently test different offers to identify the most effective strategies for driving higher AOVs and CVRs.

Rebuy Integrations

Rebuy integrates with all of the leading ecommerce tools and platforms to help brands create the best possible shopping experiences. Key Rebuy integrations include:

- Recharge
- Klaviyo
- Okendo
- Stamped
- Attentive
- Postscript
- Yotpo
- Tapcart

Rebuy Pricing

Rebuy's pricing model is structured around monthly plans that scale with the volume of orders and revenue generated by their suite of tools. The base plan starts at $99 per month for stores processing up to 1,000 orders, with additional revenue tiers that increase the monthly cost based on the revenue generated through Rebuy's features.

Higher tiers offer more advanced features and dedicated support. There's also a 21-day free trial available, allowing brands test out all of Rebuy's products for free.

Magic Spoon Boosts AOV 14% With Rebuy

Magic Spoon boosted their average order value (AOV) by 14.75% and converted over 18,000 products to subscription sales with Rebuy's Smart Cart, which improved their shopping cart by adding personalized recommendations and a subscription switch option. This strategy not only enhanced user engagement but also significantly contributed to their overall sales.

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