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Yotpo’s eCommerce retention marketing platform enables brands of all sizes to strengthen their relationships with consumers. With unified, data-driven solutions for Reviews and Visual UGC, Loyalty & Referrals, SMS and Email, and Subscriptions, Yotpo helps brands deliver winning, cohesive experiences that drive eCommerce growth and customer retention.


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Yotpo Overview

Yotpo is an eCommerce retention marketing platform aimed at converting one-time shoppers into lifetime customers. It offers a suite of integrated products including SMS marketing, reviews, loyalty & referrals, subscriptions, email marketing, and visual user-generated content (UGC). These tools work in synergy to spark customer engagement, boost sales, enhance customer lifetime value, and optimize post-purchase journeys, thus driving more sales from repeat shoppers and maximizing customer retention. Yotpo's platform provides an ecosystem that facilitates a holistic approach to customer retention, catering to various facets of the customer journey and brand engagement.

Yotpo Features

Yotpo's feature set comprises SMS marketing for instant customer connections, review showcasing to increase conversion, loyalty & referrals to transform customers into brand advocates, subscriptions for boosting recurring revenue, personalized email marketing to drive sales, and visual user-generated content (UGC) to create emotional connections with customers. These features are integrated on a single platform, enabling seamless post-purchase journeys tailored to each customer, thereby aiding in tracking performance, understanding retention drivers, and optimizing engagement strategies for better customer retention and increased sales​.

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo offers a structured pricing model tailored for growing brands. They provide a Free plan for basic review generation and publishing, a Growth plan starting at $15 per month with additional SEO and social sharing features, and a Prime plan starting at $119 per month designed for optimizing display and collecting shopper data to drive on-site conversion. The pricing for Growth and Prime plans escalates based on the number of monthly orders, providing flexibility for brands at different growth stages.

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