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Triple Whale

The central source of truth for your eCommerce store, view all your meaningful data from a customizable dashboard or mobile app. In addition to all that, the Triple Whale pixel gives you accurate first/last click attribution to help increase your ROI on ad spend.

Triple Whale

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Triple Whale

The smart data platform for D2C brands
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What is Triple Whale?

Triple Whale is an AI-powered data platform designed specifically for D2C brands doing over $1M/year in revenue. Triple Whale enables businesses to manage and automate a wide range of data-related functions including analytics, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting, all through a user-friendly dashboard. Trusted by over 10,000 brands, Triple Whale's tools provide actionable insights derived from first-party data, facilitating better decision-making for marketing managers, founders, media buyers, and agencies alike. The platform emphasizes the importance of secure, scalable solutions for enterprise-level performance and growth in ecommerce.

High-Level Triple Whale Features

- Triple Whale offers real-time analytics dashboard for immediate insight into sales and performance
- Set. up automated reporting tools for efficient data management and decision-making
- Seamlessly integrate with major ecommerce platforms and marketing tools
- AI-driven insights for optimizing performance strategies and customer engagement
- Customizable interface to prioritize metrics important to your business
- Secure data handling to ensure customer and business information protection

Triple Whale Summary Dashboard

Triple Whale's dashboard is designed to bring all essential ecommerce metrics into one easy-to-use platform, offering real-time insights for brand growth. It enables seamless integration with popular ecommerce and marketing channels, allowing merchants to view and analyze their data in a centralized dashboard. With its intuitive visualizations, users can transform complex data into actionable insights.

Triple whale

The dashboard is customizable, offering features like automated reporting, a no-code metric builder, and mobile app access, catering to the needs of founders, media buyers, marketing managers, and agencies.

Triple Whale's Pixel

Triple Whale's Pixel is a third-party pixel designed to enhance data accuracy and decision-making for D2C brands. It enables comprehensive tracking across customer journeys, offers transparent attribution with multiple models, and ensures compliance with data protection laws. By leveraging first-party data, it prepares brands for a cookie-less future and provides insights for scalable growth. Triple Pixel empowers teams with actionable data, supporting executives, media buyers, and marketing managers in their strategies.

eCommerce Benchmark Metrics

Being able to see how the general eCommerce market is doing on any given day is very valuable to any ecommerce business and Triple Whale makes it easy with their benchmark feature. It is the largest aggregated set of eCommerce real-time data available. It’s even more useful because brands can filter by category, AOV and spend level, so they can get a really accurate picture of how you compare to others.

triple whale benchmark data review

Triple Whale Creative Cockpit

Triple Whale's Creative Cockpit is a unqiue dashboard powered by first-party ad creative data that offers in-depth creative analytics and data visualization. With the Creative Cockpit, you'll be able to track your creatives key metrics in one easy-to-use dashboard: CPA, CPC, CPM CTR and more.

Triple whale creative cockpit

The tool offers interactive charts, sharable scorecards, and customizable metrics to tailor analysis to specific brands needs.

Triple Whale Pricing

Triple Whale offers three pricing tiers tailored to different business needs. The "Growth" plan starts at $129/month and includes a dashboard, pixel, and anomaly detection, while the "Pro" plan at $199/month adds AI-powered recommendations, RFM audiences, and dedicated support.

Triple Whale Pricing

The "Enterprise" plan at $279/month provides additional features like creative insights and product analytics, along with a dedicated enterprise customer success manager.

What Brands Does Triple Whale Help The Most?

Triple Whale is a beautifully-designed and simple solution for eCommerce business owners and marketers doing over $1M/ year in revenue. Triple Whale helps brands make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts and business performance. The platform also helps you uncover new and important insights into your customer data.

Tripe whale dashboard review from a CEO

What Are The Drawbacks of Triple Whale?

Triple Whale has a few cons including only being available to Shopify eCommerce brands, not having inventory management or customer segmentation solutions yet, not allowing merchants to create custom audiences and being a bit pricy for brands under $1M/year in revenue.

Even if you're a merchant doing over $1M/year in revenue, it can still be a bit pricy to use Triple Whale. Their pricing is based on order volume, which of course has it's drawbacks and deters a lot of merchants from signing up. You might also have a few tools that offer similar features as Triple Whale already, but you can easily replace them inside Triple Whale if you go for it.

Is Triple Whale Worth It?

The bottom line is that the Triple Whale helps thousands of eCommerce business make more money. That’s all brands should care about. If Triple Whale was just another software that charged $349/month and didn't have a clear ROI, we wouldn't recommend the tool. Triple Whale is absolutely worth the cost based on the value it has brought to thousands of businesses.

But for plenty of eCommerce brands, it absolutely has helped them generate more profit through better marketing budget allocation, understanding LTV by product and customer cohort as well as benchmarking against market data. 

Triple Whale Promo Codes & Coupons

Unfortunately, Triple Whale has stopped giving out promo codes. You can get 15% off your entire subscription if you come through our Friend's Rates Program, though. Simply scroll to the top of this page, click Request Deal and fill out the form. We'll then put you in touch with their team, ensure you have a whiteglove onboarding experience and get you 15% off your entire subscription.

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