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Triple Whale

Triple Whale
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The central source of truth for your eCommerce store, view all your meaningful data from a customizable dashboard or mobile app. In addition to all that, the Triple Whale pixel gives you accurate first/last click attribution to help increase your ROI on ad spend.

Triple Whale

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Triple Whale Features

Triple Whale is the smart data platform for eCommerce brands. With Triple Whale, you can create highly customized dashboards, track your financial performance in real-time, understand your customer LTV, explore customer product journeys, leverage their Triple Whale Pixel for marketing attribution and much more. Additionally, you can leverage Triple Whale to generate real-time ad creative reports, analysis and more using their Creative Cockpit feature.

Triple Whale Integrations

Triple Whale integrates with seemingly every eCommerce tool available. Key integrations include Meta, TikTok, Shopify, Recharge, Attentive, Klaviyo, Kno Commerce, Slack, Gorgias and more. The tool partners with the top platforms in eCommerce to give D2C brands a holistic look at their marketing performance to make better data-driven decisions.

Triple Whale Pricing

Triple Whale bases their pricing on your last 12 months of revenue. They have 3 plans to choose from: Growth, Pro and Enterprise. For a $1M/year eCommerce brand, the Growth plan starts at $399/month, the Pro plan starts at $499/month and the Enterprise plan starts at $499/month.

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