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Lifetimely by AMP

Lifetimely by AMP
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Lifetimely is one of the leading analytics platforms for D2C brands. Project your customer LTVs, analyze your D2C key performance indicators and tracking daily business performance.

Lifetimely by AMP

Brands Using Lifetimely by AMP

Get an automated, daily P&L for your store

Integrate your Shopify store, ad platforms, and shipping software to get an up-to-date P&L statement, any time you need it. View it in a dashboard, on a TV screen or have it sent to your inbox each day.

Measure CAC and LTV so you know how much to spend

Easily see the lifetime value of your customers and the cost of acquiring them so you can figure out how much you can spend to grow.

Track your customer’s journey over time

Track your repurchase rate, repurchase timings, most common products purchased and more. Break it down by first product purchased, marketing channel and more to truly understand the custom journey

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Lifetimely by AMP
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Lifetimely by AMP
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