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Rejuvia Sleep Spray Review: Here's My Unbiased Review of Rejuvia

If you’re reading my review about Rejuvia’s Sleep Sprays, then you likely have the same question I had when I first came across these sleep sprays:

Do Rejuvia’s sleep sprays actually do what they say they do?

I was very skeptical. The ads and all of the benefits claimed by Rejuvia seemed way too good to be true. Plus, I have tried practically every sleep aid on the market without luck.

For years I’ve struggled with insomnia. I can’t fall asleep quickly at night. I can’t stay asleep (constant wake ups throughout the night) and I always wake up feeling like a train hit me - groggy and grumpy.

I’ve tried everything from Ambien, to pure melatonin capsules and even things like those “miracle” sleep patches being advertised – none of it worked.

So when I came across these sprays and their claims, I thought there was absolutely no way they would work for me. But there was no harm in trying them, so I purchased the trial offer.

They were offering a 50% OFF and free shipping trial when you buy two sleep sprays upfront which seemed like a great deal to try them out. They ended up being ~$29/spray (which is affordable compared to other things I’ve tried) and got delivered to me within a few days.

Rejuvia review
Rejuvia Sleep Spray Trial

The idea of the sleep sprays makes sense

I will give it to Rejuvia. The idea of the sleep sprays makes total sense and is what sold me on trying them out. 

Pills, gummies, capsules, etc all have to be fully digested and processed by your liver to actually work. The sleep sprays do not. I've never tried a sleep spray before, which is one of the reasons why I thought it might actually do the trick for my sleep.

You spray Rejuvia directly under your tongue and they get absorbed right then and there. No waiting around for 45-60 minutes - they get absorbed in 15 minutes tops. The science is there too. Research shows that oral sprays can be absorbed 3-4x faster than traditional forms.

But then I saw ingredients in the sleep spray…

It’s one thing to have a better delivery mechanism (oral spray) - but what about the ingredients in the sleep spray? Are they legit? Is Rejuvia legit?

It turns out that the ingredients are legit and Rejuvia is very legit. They include all-natural, powerful sleep ingredients that offer three benefits in one: fall asleep faster, sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. 

The ingredients include ginkgo biloba, valerian root, magnesium, passionflower, cramp bark root extract, a pinch of natural melatonin and more. The sleep sprays are formulated and backed by world-class nutraceutical researchers based in the USA.

It’s a really awesome ingredient blend that I felt confident in. Plus, they're 100% made in the US and all-natural - so I decided to give them a try…

On the first few nights with Rejuvia…

Like all natural sleep supplements, it takes a few days for them to work. So I wasn’t going to be judging the sleep sprays after just a few days. I planned to give them a solid 10-14 days to test them out.

And it was true - on the first few nights with them, I didn’t notice many benefits. They tasted good and were actually pretty fun to use, but I didn’t notice the benefits on the first few nights. Granted, it's the same story with all supplements - you need to give them a fair chance to work.

I stayed with them. I read their awesome reviews and saw that a lot of customers noticed the same thing. Not much on the first few nights, but noticed them working their magic after 4-5 nights. 

Rejuvia review
Rejuvia Sprays

The fifth night is when they kicked in!

OK…so on the fifth night using my Rejuvia sleep sprays is when I noticed they really kicked in for me and started to do as they claimed.

I’d use ~8 sprays under my tongue (they’re mint-flavored) and then swoosh it all down with a glass of water. They taste awesome and are a fun routine I have at night now.

It wasn’t miraculous, but after using the sleep sprays 15 minutes before bed (and before I brush my teeth), I was getting drowsy and sleepy the moment I hit the bed. And it was consistent too - it was a one-off night - I started to notice the benefits after 5 nights of use and they would consistently work too.

It was starting to be freaking awesome. 

The sleep sprays actually could help me get to sleep with ease, and consistency.

But the best part is that once I was able to get to sleep, I stayed asleep for the majority of the evening. I was still able to wake up if I had to go to the bathroom or for any other reason, but if I wanted to sleep through the night, I could.

It makes sense why too - the sleep spray has ingredients that do both things at once: get you to sleep and keep you asleep. Melatonin alone never did that for me. When I would use 4mg melatonin gummies or Ambien, I would always wake up feeling so discombobulated and like a train hit me. Groggy, confused and grumpy. Not pleasant!

But I noticed with Rejuvia, it was the opposite. The sleep spray contains 1mg of melatonin (which is the recommended amount to complement the amount you body naturally produces at night). It is the perfect amount to help me get to sleep and wake up feeling awesome.

Rejuvia Sleep Spray

I can customize my dose too

Another awesome thing about the sleep sprays is that I can fully customize my dose too. Some nights I might only need 4 sprays because I’m already tired. Other nights, I might need 8 sprays because I’m wide awake and could use a lot of help.

The sleep sprays are awesome for that since it’s an easily-controllable spray. No need to cut up sticky gummies or try to cut pills in half.

Take it from me - Rejuvia’s sleep sprays are worth a try

You can trust me when I say that these sleep sprays from Rejuvia are 100% worth a try.

I’m probably like you - tried every sleep aid on the planet and still struggle to sleep! And like me, you’ll find great success with these sleep sprays. They’re legit and the real deal - plus, the company behind them, Rejuvia, is awesome and family-founded too.

You can try them out here for 50% OFF and free shipping (it’s a special link they gave me to write a review).

By the way - bookmark this review so when you try them, you can come back here in a month and say thank you when you realize how well they work!