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Best Cause Marketing Tools and Shopify Apps

Cause marketing tools are platforms and software solutions designed to help direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands implement and manage marketing campaigns that are tied to social causes or charitable initiatives. These tools assist in planning, executing, and tracking marketing efforts that align a brand's products or services with a social mission or cause. This could involve donation management, partnership facilitation with nonprofits, campaign analytics, and storytelling features to effectively communicate the cause to the audience.

For DTC brands, cause marketing tools are important as they enable them to authentically engage in social responsibility. This kind of engagement can strengthen brand values, build customer loyalty, and differentiate the brand in a crowded market. Consumers increasingly favor brands that demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental issues, making cause marketing a strategic approach to both business growth and societal impact.

Popular tools in this category include ShoppingGives and Kindful. ShoppingGives is popular for its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, allowing brands to donate a portion of each sale to a charity of the customer's choice. This fosters a sense of customer participation and enhances the overall purchasing experience. Kindful, on the other hand, is well-regarded for its comprehensive donor management system and fundraising tools, making it ideal for brands looking to build and maintain relationships with charitable organizations and donors. Both tools are popular for their ability to facilitate meaningful connections between DTC brands and their chosen causes, enhancing brand reputation and customer engagement.


ShoppingGives is your all-in-one impact strategy. Your customers shop as usual, with the added delight of being able to select a cause to benefit from their purchase – aligning their values, with your brand.

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