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3PeeL is a matchmaking service to help brands find the right 3PL (warehousing, transport, and fulfillment) partner. Their extensive roster boasts hundreds of 3PL partners, 3PeeL then handpick from to deliver streamlined, tailor-made potential partnerships. Easily compare quotes 3PeeL gathers on your behalf and secure the best pricing effortlessly, saving time and energy. By utilizing 3peel as their single 3PL sourcing touchpoint, D2C brands effectively discover the ideal fulfillment partner that aligns with their specific needs, in one convenient place.


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Logistics Partner Matching

3PeeL helps D2C brands find the ideal warehouse, 3PL, or 4PL to match requirements, preferences, and financial plan effortlessly. 3PeeL operates a rigorously evaluated network to swiftly locate storage, shipping, and fulfillment collaborators, sparing valuable time on exhaustive research. Plus, the tool has adept professionals behind the tool who can skillfully manage the process, issuing RFPs and conducting thorough quality evaluations on your behalf.

Agency Partner Matching

3PeeL can help your D2C brand find the perfect agency that suits your exact needs. Their network and system helps to match brands wit hate perfect marketing, SEO, development, technical or consulting agency without the headache and wasted time. Tell 3PeeL your budget and timelines, and they’ll handle the rest.

eCommerce Staffing

Lean on 3PeeL for your D2C brand’s next crucial hire. You can leverage 3PeeL to identify and hire your next team member — they help you find the perfect fit, fast. They offer a concierge and boutique approach to staffing and operate on a long-term, brand-first approach to partnerships.

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