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Chargeflow is a fully automated chargeback management solution that enables businesses to scale and increase profitability without fighting time-consuming disputes. Our AI-driven evidence generator builds custom-made dispute evidence that maximizes your chargeback dispute win rate and submits it on your behalf.


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Chargeflow Uses

Chargeflow is the D2C's first fully-automated chargeback management platform. The tool uses Big Data and a deep integration with your D2C business to produce the most comprehensive chargeback evidence in the world. Chargeflow fully automates chargebacks and wins them with significantly more frequently than humans.

Chargeflow Features

Chargeflow has a fully-automated chargeback solution for eCommerce merchants as well as a Chargescore product that forecasts a chargebacks success rates. The tool helps D2C operators get a better understanding of their cash flow and how much money to expect to recover from ongoing chargebacks each month,.

Chargeflow Pricing

Chargeflow has a very brand-friendly pricing model. The pricing is 100% based on their ability to win chargebacks in your favor. Their standard packages start at 25% of won chargeback earnings and their enterprise tier is custom to your needs. They have no long-term contracts, minimums, hidden or monthly fees. You only pay when you win!

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