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Finaloop is an automated bookkeeping solution dedicated to eCommerce brands. Using smart technology - allowing brands to get their financial data 100% accurate, in real-time, and fully reconciled 24/7, in a matter of seconds! Combining AI & ML, together with human accounting and e-commerce experts, Finaloop replaces your accounting software, bookkeeper, and Tax CPA and gives you the data you need at a fraction of the cost. By using Finaloop, brands like Tabs Chocolate, Obvi, Duradry, and Clutch can stop wasting their time chasing after numbers, and start focusing on growing their business taking smarter, faster, and more proactive business decisions based on accurate financials.


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What Does Finaloop Do?

Finaloop is a new and exciting bookkeeping solution designed specifically for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer businesses.Harnessing real-time financial reconciliation, Finaloop facilitates the provisioning of impeccable records, finely-tuned tax submissions, and invaluable insights 24/7 to e-commerce and DTC brands. 

Finaloop fulfills the roles of a bookkeeper, integration hub, accounting software, and tax CPA simultaneously. By making informed decisions and ensuring timely tax payments, the platform mitigates the risk of wasting valuable time and resources for e-commerce businesses. 

Through Finaloop, you can seamlessly link your bank accounts, business applications, credit cards, and loans, harmonizing all your data within a unified repository. Finaloop empowers you to effectively oversee your company's financial operations with transparency. 

What Are Finaloop’s Main Features?

Finaloop’s core features and functionalities are: profit and loss (P&L) reporting and balance sheet tracking, vigilant inventory supervision, efficient management of multi-channel orders, streamlined handling of invoices and bills, key performance indicators (KPIs) tracking, tax optimization strategies, and expert guidance.

Additionally, Finaloop grants you access to comprehensive insights into federal and state tax regulations, as well as holistic tax planning guidance.

What Is Finaloop’s Pricing? 

Finaloop's enterprise pricing structure is tailored to your projected annual revenue. The pricing starts at $65 per month and scales to accommodate custom pricing solutions for businesses generating over $10 million in annual revenue. 

For those seeking comprehensive tax services, the option to include full-service tax solutions is available, which adjusts the monthly cost accordingly.

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