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Loop Subscriptions

Loop Subscriptions
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Loop Subscriptions offers a suite of unique tools for D2C brands to optimize and scale their subscription experiences. Their features include Loop Flows for personalized subscription journeys, Cancellation Flows to mitigate churn, and a gamification system to enhance subscriber engagement. They also provide detailed analytics, smart dunning management, and a customizable customer portal to keep subscribers engaged while offering insights to businesses.

Loop Subscriptions

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Loop Subscription Gamification

Loop Flows allows for personalized subscription journeys by applying conditional logic for unique order experiences and creating new buyer segments on the fly. This helps D2C brands drive unique experiences for different segments of subscribers, for instance, having Segment X receive Product A while Segment Y receives Product B in their next cycle. Additionally, brands can segment customers around specific conditions like the number of orders, LTV, or trial products, and import these segments to marketing platforms like Klaviyo and Attentive for contextual marketing campaigns

Loop Cancellation Flows

Loop's Cancellation Flows feature aims to reduce subscriber churn by offering customizable cancellation flows. It enables businesses to provide last-ditch discounts before a cancellation, employs conditional actions based on cancellation reasons, creates engaging cancellation surveys with rich media, offers comprehensive dashboards to analyze cancellation reasons, and facilitates personalized reactivation campaigns by exporting data on cancelled subscribers for targeted re-engagement efforts.

Loop Subscriptions Pricing

Loop Subscriptions offers two pricing plans: Growth and Enterprise. The Growth plan costs $99 per month with a 1% transaction fee and is aimed at DTC brands seeking to enhance their subscription experience and analytics. The Enterprise plan, priced at $399 per month with a 0.75% transaction fee, is designed for established brands looking for automation, easy management, and bulk operations. Both plans come with technical support and service included, with no additional charges.

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