Awtomic is a premium Shopify subscription app offering innovative solutions for D2C brands. Its standout features include advanced build-a-box capabilities, shuffle subscriptions, and automated retention moments. The platform also shines in driving customer retention through personalized rewards via "Awtomic Moments" and revenue optimization through smart upsells & add-ons. With seamless integration with Peel Insights for advanced analytics and a user-friendly customer portal, Awtomic prioritizes an engaging user experience.


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Meet Awtomic, one of the most exciting and innovative Shopify subscription apps in the ecosystem. Awtomic is the ultimate repeat purchase platform for D2C brands and offers a suite of exciting, high quality features and use cases for their users.

Awtomic has a lot of unique features that deliver merchants and their customers an awesome experience – advanced build-a-boxes, shuffle subscriptions, automated retention moments and more. We were lucky to get a demo of the Awtomic platform and speak with a few of their top customers about their experience with Awtomic. 

In this review, we will cover all of the top features of Awtomic and discuss how top D2C brands are leveraging the platform to scale their eCommerce subscription businesses. We’ll go one-by-one with Awtomic’s top features, starting with Moments.

Awtomic’s Moments - Personalized Retention Experiences

Awtomic Moments are designed to go beyond traditional retention strategies. They foster genuine connections with customers through personalized rewards, meaningful messages, and powerful insights, ensuring every customer interaction is truly memorable.

The true uniqueness of Awtomic Moments is in its ability to personalize rewards and communications through powerful segmentation, ensuring that each customer feels uniquely valued. 

The platform equips businesses with powerful insights that pinpoint key churn risk customers and critical milestones, enabling targeted interventions. For those customers who have paused or skipped, Awtomic Moments provides the means to re-engage them effectively. Additionally, the use of badges helps customers track and build habits as they engage with your product, fostering a deeper connection and loyalty.


Smart Upsells & Add-Ons

Awtomic's Smart Add-Ons & Upsells feature is a powerhouse of revenue optimization. With segmented upsells and intelligent product pairing, it seamlessly enables both one-time and subscription expansion revenue. 

The inclusion of exclusive or early access offers and unique discounts further elevates the customer experience, making it a dynamic tool for businesses seeking to enhance sales and customer loyalty.

Awtomic’s Build-a-Box Feature

Awtomic's Build-a-Box feature has truly been a game-changer in the world of D2C subscriptions. Just a year or two ago, the prospect of creating "build-a-box" subscriptions with existing software seemed like an insurmountable challenge, requiring intricate customizations. Awtomic recognized this gap and emerged as a pioneer, offering what is arguably the finest build-a-box experience available today.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Awtomic goes beyond mere box assembly, allowing businesses to effortlessly upsell customers with add-ons and providing the flexibility to adjust box sizes on-the-fly, from 6 items to 12 items. 

Additionally, the platform offers the option to set up custom filters, navigation, and box size discounts, allowing for tailored and optimized subscription experiences that put the customer in control.


Integrating with Peel Insights

Awtomic is also fully integrated with Peel Insights, a leading D2C analytics platform and has an in-app dashboard with advanced subscription analytics available to customers in all pricing tiers.  

Awtomic’s Customer Portal

The heart of Awtomic's subscription management lies within its customer portal—a space where convenience and control converge. Recognizing the importance of a frictionless experience, Awtomic offers passwordless access to this vital portal, ensuring that customers can swiftly engage with their subscriptions. 

Awtomic is absolutely a platform that prioritizes delivering customers the best experience possible.

Once inside, customers find themselves in familiar territory, as the portal mirrors the Shopify interface, allowing for easy customization of colors, fonts, and shapes while preserving an intentionally crafted layout for effortless navigation on both desktop and mobile devices. Beyond aesthetics, Awtomic enables eCommerce brands the ability to gain insights into customer behavior and refine their subscription programs based on valuable feedback.


Communicate With Customers via Email or SMS

Awtomic's communication with customers via email and SMS is seamless and user-friendly. The admin section mirrors the familiar Shopify UX which is easy for D2C brands to navigate. 

On the email and SMS front, Awtomic excels by offering clever workflows that keep customers informed about upcoming orders. Users can opt to send these emails directly through Klaviyo for added convenience, and they can be triggered based on various parameters, such as "customer skipped," "upcoming order in 5 days," or "customer updated their box." SMS notifications are not only free but also optimized to encourage customers to effortlessly access their portal through passwordless login, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Awtomic Pricing

Awtomic’s Pricing

Awtomic's pricing model offers two distinct pricing tiers to meet the diverse needs of their D2C brands. The starter package, priced at $149 per month and a 1%+19c transaction fee, is an accessible entry point to their platform. This package provides access to all of Awtomic's feature-rich offerings, making it an attractive choice for small to medium-sized enterprises. 

For larger D2C brands seeking advanced customization and theme development, Awtomic recommends their Pro package which starts at $299/month and a 1% transaction fee. Awtomic goes the extra mile by providing custom theme development, ensuring a tailor-made subscription management solution for businesses with more extensive requirements.

Both of these plans also have discounts for one year commitments.

Awtomic’s Bonus Feature: Shuffles

Awtomic's "Shuffles" feature brings an element of excitement and variety into subscriptions for customers. This dynamic feature from Awtomic enables D2C brands to offer subscriptions where the product changes with each shipment, making it especially valuable for brands with diverse product offerings such as various flavors, scents, or colors. 

Even unconventional subscription products like toys, perfume, or underwear can benefit from Shuffles. For example, if you sell a monthly subscription to four books, the shuffle feature ensures that customers never receive the same four books, keeping them engaged and eagerly anticipating each shipment with delightful surprises.You can even let them curate their list to ensure they don’t receive items they aren’t interested in.

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Awtomic Moments

Awtomic Moments are truly one of the most unique product features in the subscription world. Moments help to foster strong connections with customers through personalized rewards, personalized messages through powerful, data-driven customer insights. Awtomic Moments is able to personalize every “moment” based on unique customer data and offer relevant order rewards, communications and segmentations.

Awtomic Build-a-Box

Awtomic's Build-a-Box feature revolutionized D2C subscriptions, making the creation of customized subscription boxes simpler compared to the past where it was seen as a challenging task. The feature extends beyond just box assembly, enabling easy upsells with add-ons and real-time adjustments to box sizes, from 6 to 12 items. Additionally, it supports custom filters, navigation, and box size discounts, facilitating a more tailored and optimized subscription experience for customers.

Awtomic Pricing

Awtomic offers two pricing tiers catering to different D2C brand needs. The Starter package at $149/month plus a 1%+19c transaction fee, provides a gateway to Awtomic's comprehensive features, suiting small to medium-sized enterprises. The Pro package at $299/month and a 1% transaction fee, is designed for larger brands, offering advanced customization, theme development, and a bespoke subscription management solution for more extensive needs. Both plans offer annual commitment discounts, making them more appealing for long-term engagements.

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