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Awtomic is a premium Shopify subscription app offering innovative solutions for D2C brands. Its standout features include advanced build-a-box capabilities, shuffle subscriptions, and automated retention moments. The platform also shines in driving customer retention through personalized rewards via "Awtomic Moments" and revenue optimization through smart upsells & add-ons. With seamless integration with Peel Insights for advanced analytics and a user-friendly customer portal, Awtomic prioritizes an engaging user experience.


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Awtomic Moments

Awtomic Moments are truly one of the most unique product features in the subscription world. Moments help to foster strong connections with customers through personalized rewards, personalized messages through powerful, data-driven customer insights. Awtomic Moments is able to personalize every “moment” based on unique customer data and offer relevant order rewards, communications and segmentations.

Awtomic Build-a-Box

Awtomic's Build-a-Box feature revolutionized D2C subscriptions, making the creation of customized subscription boxes simpler compared to the past where it was seen as a challenging task. The feature extends beyond just box assembly, enabling easy upsells with add-ons and real-time adjustments to box sizes, from 6 to 12 items. Additionally, it supports custom filters, navigation, and box size discounts, facilitating a more tailored and optimized subscription experience for customers.

Awtomic Pricing

Awtomic offers two pricing tiers catering to different D2C brand needs. The Starter package at $149/month plus a 1%+19c transaction fee, provides a gateway to Awtomic's comprehensive features, suiting small to medium-sized enterprises. The Pro package at $299/month and a 1% transaction fee, is designed for larger brands, offering advanced customization, theme development, and a bespoke subscription management solution for more extensive needs. Both plans offer annual commitment discounts, making them more appealing for long-term engagements.

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