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SARAL is a simple influencer marketing platform for DTC brands. You can find untapped influencers, automate reach outs, ship free products, generate tracking links/codes, and do everything else from tracking performance to payments. Their mission is to be the world’s first “InfluencerOS” i.e. the one-stop-shop for all kinds of influencer campaigns. As of today, brands are running campaigns ranging from seeding, gifting, UGC, traditional paid deals, and ambassador programs.


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Brands Using SARAL

Find Any Influencer In The World

Find untapped influencers on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube with detailed metrics like follower count, engagement rate, authenticity, email, and more! SARAL has a search engine (not a database) so you can find the exact type of influencers you want.

Personalized Bulk Email Outreach

You can send spam-proof outreach to creators. Brands on average see 85%+ open rates and 30%+ response rates with campaigns sent through SARAL. Personalize your messages and improve your chances of success with email templates and automated follow-up emails we carefully crafted for you.

Manage Relationships, Send Products, and Build Community

SARAL comes with a built-in CRM so you can track your influencer relationships. Connect your Shopify store and ship free products, generate affiliate links, and build great relationships with creators.

Track ROI and Make Profit

SARAL offers a robust performance tracking dashboard that allows you to see top performers, splice data by campaign, and make better decisions about your marketing investments. Brands, on average, are seeing an 8.11x ROAS on their campaigns

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