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Social Snowball

Social Snowball
Loyalty & Referal
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Affiliate marketing made frictionless. Social Snowball makes it easy to build, launch, and automate your word-of-mouth marketing programs. Whether you want to turn your customers into revenue-generating affiliates or launch a TikTok influencer program, Social Snowball is the control center that lets you configure programs, track referral sales, send commission rewards, and automate it all.

Social Snowball

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Social Snowball Features

Social Snowball makes it easy to build, launch, and automate your word-of-mouth marketing programs. The platform allows you to create commission structures and reward tiers, build sign up pages, turn customers into affiliates automatically, send cash payouts directly to affiliates in 2 clicks, offer dashboards to affiliates, send gifts to creators, track sales attribution from all of your influencers, and ensure that affiliate codes don't leak to coupon sites.

Social Snowball Use Cases

Social Snowball can benefit D2C brands by enabling engaging referral programs that transform customers into affiliates, offering simplified influencer and creator management tools like automated product seeding and one-click payout processing, and providing Safelinks to prevent affiliate code leaks and coupon abuse, ensuring a trustworthy referral and affiliate environment.

Social Snowball Pricing

Social Snowball offers three plans: Snow Day, Blizzard, and Enterprise. Snow Day costs $99/month plus 3% of revenue generated by Social Snowball, providing features like unlimited affiliates, various acquisition methods, and multiple payout methods. Blizzard, at $499/month, removes the commission fees and retains Snow Day's features. The Enterprise plan provides custom feature builds and integrations, with the price available upon contact. All plans include a 30-day free trial without requiring a credit card

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