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Kno Commerce

Kno Commerce
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Deploy surveys in minutes to better understand your customers. Build audiences with your order and response data and sync the information and Shopify & Klaviyo to leverage the insights.

Kno Commerce

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KnoCommerce Customer Attribution

KnoCommerce provides pre- and post-purchase survey tools enabling brands to collect behavioral data, understand customer attribution, and drive better ROI with insights directly from customers. Kno integrates with platforms like Shopify, Klaviyo, Triple Whale and more and helps brands leverage their abandoned cart, attribution product and post-purchase surveys to take the guesswork out of what their customers actually want to buy.

KnoCommerce Features

Kno offers multi-touch attribution templates for brands - their templates have 12+ question types and an extensive library of templates to leverage. The tool's powerful reporting capability enables breakdown of responses by Average Order Value, products purchased, and over 60 other data points. Kno's survey capabilities, seamless platform and sophisticated data manipulation capabilities help D2C brands drive even more ROI through targeted upsells, referrals, loyalty programs, reviews and more.

KnoCommerce Pricing

Kno has very transparent and fair pricing plans for brands. They have a free plan for brands looking to get started with post purchase surveys, an Analyst plan for growth-stage D2C brands that are looking to take their customer insights to the next level and a Pro plan for scaled D2C brands that are looking to take advantage of everything Kno offers.

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