42 vs. Airboxr: Tool Comparison

Considering adding either 42 Technologies or Airboxr to your ecommerce brand's Shopify tech stack for analytics and data management? It's crucial to have a powerful analytics tool in your tech stack to help you understand performance, your marketing efforts and your overall business health. 42 Technologies and Airboxr offer different features, integrations and pricing models. Read our tool comparison below to discover which one is best for your brand.
42 delivers automated merchandising analytics for D2C and omnichannel brands and retailers. 42 offers immediate, accurate retail reporting for retail and merchandising. Their fully-customizable dashboards process real-time data from every channel, including eCommerce, brick-and-mortar, wholesale, marketplaces, and more.
- Aggregate sales and customer data for comprehensive analytics and insights. - Provide real-time inventory tracking to optimize stock levels and reduce waste. - Analyze buying patterns to tailor product offerings and increase sales. - Offer customizable dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators. - Use predictive analytics for demand forecasting and planning. - Integrate with popular ecommerce platforms for seamless data synchronization.
- Automate the creation of custom spreadsheet reports by connecting to data sources like Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more. - Gain a comprehensive view of business performance by combining marketing, sales, and operational data into a single dashboard. - Leverage AI-powered insights and recommendations to optimize marketing spend, identify customer segments, and uncover growth opportunities. - Benchmark your store's KPIs against industry peers to identify areas for improvement and make more informed decisions. - Streamline reporting and analysis by scheduling automated data refreshes and custom report generation. - Integrate Airboxr seamlessly into existing workflows by working directly within Google Sheets, the platform merchants already use.
The 42 platform offers a custom pricing model, with a starting price of $500 per month for the "Made-to-Measure" plan. Pricing is based on the specific needs and requirements of each customer, such as the number of data sources, integrations, and advanced analytics features required.
The Airboxr platform offers three pricing plans, starting at $9 per user per month for the Google Sheets Stack, $19 per user per month for the Marketing Stack, and $59 per user per month for the Enterprise Stack. Airboxr's pricing is based on a per-user model, allowing businesses to scale their usage as needed without additional contract negotiations.
42's integrations enable 42 users to get a unified view of their business performance across multiple sales channels and systems. - Shopify - Magento - BigCommerce - Amazon Seller Central - Google Analytics - Netsuite
Airboxr offers a range of integrations to help e-commerce businesses connect their data and gain deeper insights into their operations. Some of the key integrations include: - Klaviyo - Shopify - Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Instagram - TikTok - Google Analytics - Xero
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These highlight D2C brands from our database all currently leverage 
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