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42 delivers automated merchandising analytics for D2C and omnichannel brands and retailers. 42 offers immediate, accurate retail reporting for retail and merchandising. Their fully-customizable dashboards process real-time data from every channel, including eCommerce, brick-and-mortar, wholesale, marketplaces, and more.


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42 is made for retail experts, by retail and data experts

Even the most simple transaction contains dozens of data points. As your business becomes more complex — more people, systems, inventory, sales channels, stores, and SKUs — it’s increasingly difficult to keep information clean. 42’s data infrastructure brings clarity, simplicity, and truth to your reporting, providing accurate metrics in real time, no matter what systems you use.

Create clear and custom reports in seconds

42 is highly customizable and flexible. With 42, you won’t have to manually pull or manipulate complex, multi-channel data anymore. Easily create custom reports and send them out to your team on schedule — automatically. With 42, you can look at current historic inventory numbers (based on inventory, style, SKU, etc), save custom report views in seconds and schedule weekly flash reports in your inbox.

42 helps brands boost product intelligence and performance 

42 makes it seamless to grasp true demand & revenue while comparing products based on unique attributes. You can compare styles by colors, sort products by seasons, accurately account for returns, compare demand sales versus fulfilled (shipped) sales and more.

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