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accessiBe is a web Accessibility Solution for WCAG Compliance (web content accessibility guidelines). The accessibility interface is responsible for all the UI and design-related adjustments, while the AI-powered background process handles optimizations for screen-reader and for keyboard navigation


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accessiBe Use Cases

AccessiBe provides a web accessibility solution ensuring ADA & WCAG compliance for businesses. Key features include affordable pricing, efficient 2-minute installation on any platform, and accessibility statement and certifications. It aids in streamlining website accessibility, promoting inclusivity, attracting a wider customer base, and ensuring legal compliance. By leveraging AccessiBe, businesses can easily adhere to accessibility standards, thus enhancing user experience for individuals regardless of their abilities

accessiBe Features

For a D2C brand, AccessiBe's tool is instrumental in ensuring website accessibility, thereby adhering to ADA & WCAG compliance. The tool aids in inclusivity, allowing brands to cater to a broader audience regardless of their abilities. It not only helps in attracting new customers by enhancing user experience but also ensures that the brand complies with necessary legislation, minimizing legal risks. The ease of installation and affordability make it a viable solution for D2C brands aiming for better accessibility while complying with legal standards​.

accessiBe Pricing

AccessiBe offers a pricing model catered to businesses of all sizes, with the cost primarily dependent on the page count and any additional features required. They provide a monthly billing option, but customers can save 20% with annual billing. Websites with over 100,000 monthly visits necessitate an Enterprise plan. All plans encompass a Litigation Support Package, full AI & widget features, and compliance with several accessibility standards like ADA, AODA, EAA, and WCAG.

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