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StoreHero is your profit-first guide to growth. The tool helps unify your sales, marketing data and costs to give you a real time view of your profit at a store, product or even an order level. See what products, orders & campaigns are not only driving revenue, but actually profitable.


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Use profitability metrics as a daily indicator of success

Total sales are nice, but it’s profit that matters at the end of the day. StoreHero syncs with your store to give a real time view of your profitability with metrics that matter in a single screen. No more guessing if your ads are profitable. StoreHero calculates your Breakeven Point ROAS for each product to show you exactly when you start to make a profit. Seeing orders with a WELCOME10 discount, low margin products and a free shipping threshold? Monitor any orders that may be unprofitable and make changes to minimise this moving forward.

Delivered to you each day via email

No more waiting days or weeks for manually created reports. Get a clear view of the health of your business in a way that’s easy to understand, made for business owners and operators. Pin any metric that matters most, whether it’s ROAS, Contribution Margin, Gross Profit or Net Profit. StoreHero’s emails also includes a clear profit & loss statement so you can how you’ve performed through the lens of profit, not just sales.

Integrates with your sales, marketing and cost channels

Spend less time consolidating data in advance of your weekly meeting and spend more time taking action on what will move you forward. We support a number of sales channels including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and more. Connect your Meta, Google and TikTok Ads alongside your Google Analytics (UA & GA4), Search Console and Klaviyo data. Import costs manually, sync with Shopify, import with CSV or connect with thousands of apps via Zapier.

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