Fuego is building the world’s most customizable and extensible mobile commerce platform. Powered by the latest breakthroughs in Generative AI, we allow you to turn your existing Shopify store into a fully native and customizable mobile app packed with social commerce features in seconds.


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Customizable and extensible mobile commerce platform
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Your Brand Is Unique. Your App Should Be Too.

With Fuego, you will be able to customize your app down to the individual pixels. More importantly, your app won't have any flaky web view components; everything is fully native and as performative as the top mobile apps on your phone.

Fuego Is Your Constant Companion in Success

Fuego's proprietary generative artificial intelligence models allow you to dream up entire app screens and generate variations of all native app components in seconds. Aside from that, we also enable you to put your push notifications on autopilot with the help of AI. Our system automatically generates push notifications for you based on your most recent Instagram activity and your most popular products.

Integrate Your Entire Stack

Fuego integrates with 50+ Shopify apps for a consistent experience across all transactional surfaces. Everything from Subscriptions to Loyalty & Rewards, Reviews, Search, and more. We are adding new integrations almost every week.

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