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Loyalty & Referal
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Rivo is a loyalty platform designed for Shopify, aimed at increasing repeat business through a comprehensive loyalty program, referrals, and an exclusive membership system. Rivo offers extensive integration with leading tech vendors and a developer toolkit for additional customization. With Rivo, D2C brands can increase customer retention with fully customizable loyalty & rewards platform.


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Rivo Loyalty & Memberships

Rivo’s loyalty platform helps D2C brands turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers via customizable rewards, memberships and referral programs. With Rivo, D2C brands can create incentive based perks, points programs, exclusive offers and customizable rewards for customers. The platform can be embedded wherever D2C brands see sit - PDPs, dedicated loyalty pages, customer accounts, floating launcher, prompts and more.

Rivo Referral Program

Rivo’s platform also helps D2C brands turn their customers into new acquisition channels via white-labeled referral marketing programs. Rivo enables brands to create custom referral programs in just minutes — customizable designs, tiered rewards and strategically placed reminders throughout the brand site. The platform is open and seamlessly integrates into Shopify. On the backend, Rivo has a very slick, powerful system that clearly displays ROI, key analytics, customer details and more.

Rivo Pricing

Rivo’s pricing plans are fair, transparent and affordable for D2C brands. They offer brands three tiers: Growth ($189/month), Premium ($349/month) and Custom. All of their pricing plans include their extensive suite of integrations and product features. The Growth plan is best for D2C brands under 1,000 orders per month, Premium for brands under 3,000 orders per month and Plus is for all other brands. With Rivo’s Plus plan, you get a dedicated CSM developer in Slack for your brand as well as dedicated onboarding strategy and support specialists.

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