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Brought to you by the ex-founder of Haus; Ami Ami makes delicious fresh French wine.

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Ami Ami

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Ami Ami

Brought to you by the ex-founder of Haus; Ami Ami makes delicious fresh French wine.
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What is Ami Ami?

Ami-Ami is a sustainable wine company that was founded in France by Woody Hambrecht and Ross Dawkins. The company is based in California with its vineyards located in Bordeaux, France. Inspired by France’s rich winemaking (and drinking) tradition, Ami Ami makes it a point to combine innovation and tradition to respect and celebrate the art of winemaking. Ami Ami has a portfolio with a diverse range of expertly crafted, high-quality wines. The brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and hence has adopted its iconic eye-candy of boxes.

Ami Ami's hero product: Trois Intro Set 

Ami Ami’s best seller is its iconic á Trois Intro Set which includes one box each of Vin Rosé, Vin Rouge and Vin Blanc, all meticulously made in the South of France, by winegrowers of the eighth generation. Ami Ami says that their Vin Blanc flaunts a citrusy taste with a hint of honeysuckle in its aroma while the Vin Rosé is said to be perfect for anyone who likes a rosy, fruity flavor in their wine. Vin Rouge on the other hand is a velvety red wine that has one of the best flavors in the brand’s collection.

Ami Ami provides its customers with great value as each of the three boxes from the set contains approximately 2 bottles of wine. A stronger commitment to organic viticultural practices and sustainability equally follows the commitment to inspiring great times. Ami Ami’s wine is known to stay fresh for multiple weeks after opening and contains no additives or sugar.

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Where to buy Ami Ami products

Ami Ami’s diverse roster of wines is available online from their official website as well as other channels easily. Ami Ami’s products are also available at some brick-and-mortar wine shops as well. Here are a few of their touchpoints for customers to order from:

  • Their D2C website
  • Foxtrot Co
  • PlumpJack Wine & Spirits

Fun Facts About Ami Ami

Here are some facts about the brand that you may not immediately find on their social media accounts or website: 

  • Minimizing Carbon Footprint: Understanding the carbon footprint of the production and export of glass bottles, Ami Ami uses sleekly designed boxes to package their wine. This has resulted in a 50% reduction in the carbon footprint compared to using traditional glass boxes for their wines. The winemakers thus opt for sustainability at most stages of wine making, packaging and transport.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Ami Ami’s social club promises good company and additional benefits to members.  The club emphasizes community building and rightly rewards its members with exclusive deals, free shipping, exclusive access to member-only events and product drops and more.
  • Redefining Boxed Wine: Ami Ami’s chic and aesthetic boxes are changing how boxed wine is perceived while showing how wine doesn’t have to be bottled to have the finest taste, aroma and acidity. The intuitive and sustainable boxes also help keep the wine fresh for more than a week.

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