The 5 D2C Bike Brands You Should Know

These 5 bicycle brands are embracing the D2C models while maintaining a physical retail presence.

The 5 D2C Bike Brands You Should Know

The D2C model has infiltrated almost every market. Specialty products that previously required consumers to go to a physical store can now be purchased with one click on the internet.

The rise of D2C for outdoor / athletic products is a prime example. Rather than going to a big-box sports store, or local specialty store, to discover & purchase new sports/ athletic equipment, people are purchasing these items online without experiencing it first.

The wave of new D2C bicycle brands is one of the more interesting results of this as these brands have kept a hybrid of the old and new. Bicycles are a big-ticket item that consumers typically try before they buy. D2C bike brands are retaining storefronts in addition to investing in their online presence & e-commerce operations. As VC's continue to invest in micromobility (bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, etc) and cities add more bike lanes, it's likely that you'll see more D2C bike brands opening storefronts in cities across the world.

With that being said, we've highlighted 5 of the D2C bicycle brands that are changing how consumers purchase  & navigate their cities.

Cavale CC

Demographic: Skilled cyclists or bike enthusiasts

Price Range: €3450

Cavale CC makes light, agile, and durable e-bikes bikes. The Le Rivage is its classic bike with impressive states: it weighs less than 15kg, 250W of power, 50km range, and 3h30m of full charge time.


Demographic: Urban riders

Price Range: Basic model Cowboy 3 starts at €1,990

The cowboy is the ultimate electric bike for urban riders. Cowboy's latest model is the 4 ST and it has a suite of features including a removable battery for wireless charging and smartphone integration for navigation and ride stats. The 4ST also has auto unlock features, integrated lights, theft detection, and more.

Solé Bicycles

Demographic: All-purpose coastal commuters

Price: Starts at $469

Headquartered in Venice, California, Solé Bicycles makes Single Speed & Fixed Gear Bicycles. While the beach life is built into this brand, Solé Bicycles are great for commuting around town and  to the beach.


Demographic: Casual cosmopolitan biking enthusiasts

Price: €400+


Veloretti is the perfect bike to cruise around the city. Its lightweight, hand-made bicycles are  ideal for cycling alone or with friends & family. Veloretti has also launched a beautifully designed, elegant e-bike that starts at €2,399.


Demographic: Cosmopolitan

Price:  $2,300


Vanmoof is built for city life. This e-bike has a slick design and is made to withstand the hustle and bustle of cities. Its integrated tech allows Vanmoof riders to track their bikes location from their smartphone.