The Nik Sharma Stack

Nik tweeted his ultimate stack & here it is

The Nik Sharma Stack

Nik Sharma's is the man when it comes to D2C. After spending 100+ hours talking to D2C founders & marketing teams across the globe, Nik created a twitter thread with the ultimate revenue-generating tools and hacks for D2C brands. We decided to list out all the tools that Sharma highlighted - let's dive in!


Built specifically for high-performance Shopify retailers, Okendo is one of the best-in-class review platforms. What I love most about Okendo is the integrations / ecosystem around it. It plugs into all your favorite tools natively. Beyond that, the team is incredibly nice & helpful in case you have any setup q's.


Klaviyo is the best in class email marketing solution for eCommerce. It's just leaps & bounds above the competition. It's the most popular Shopify app and it connect beautifully with most of your favorite tools. I especially like their new feature called "Quick Actions" which helps your customers manage their Recharge subscriptions in just one click.

Postscript is a text marketing solution. Collect subscribers at checkout, on landing pages, using mobile pop-ups and QR codes. Then - Automatically send text messages based on purchase data. Follow up on purchases, abandoned carts, and more by activating default templates or creating new ones.


You know Shopify. But Nik included it in the stack, so we're including it here ;) The crazy thing is that Shopify's only getting better by the day. The release of 2.0 was mind-blowing to devs in the space. Some say they'll extinguish / replace headless commerce solutions... Let's see!


Nik's an investor in Smartrr. But I've met their team, demo'd their product and it is an amazing platform for subscription. If you want to do more research, read this post here to compare it to other top solutions. Highlight for me is how pretty and seamless the membership experience is for customers.

The full Nik Sharma stack

Co-op Commerce

Co-op Commerce is reinventing the world of brand partnerships. With Co-op, after a customer checks out, they see products from partner brands. The customer can view or purchase products from those brands which earns you coop credits. You can then use those credits for placements on partner sites.


This tool helps you create a home for your influencers, so they can learn about your perks and apply to your affiliate and brand ambassador programs. It's almost like a VIP offering experience. I wrote about other influencer marketing solutions which you might want to consider here.


tydo is an analytics solution for D2C brands to analyze LTV / ROAS & many other metrics in a rich and intuitive dashboard so you have a 360 degree view of your business at all times. From marketing efforts to operations management and financial reporting, they have a view for every operator on your team.

Builder is a no-code platform that allows eCommerce stores build and optimize digital experiences on any tech stack / platform. Its drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone to build, test, and optimize lightning-fast, rich digital experiences. Think of it like Shogun, but even more powerful.


Gorgias centralizes all your support tickets in one place and enriches them with lots of extra context about a buyer's profile. Through Gorgias, you can connect directly to your eCommerce store and edit orders, modify subscriptions, and refund payments without leaving your help desk. It's simply the best. Don't look elsewhere.