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Loyalty & Referal
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High-growth brands can get more out of every customer with Friendbuy. With a best-in-class referral and loyalty program, brands can achieve at least 5-15% of new customer acquisition, with a 4x higher lifetime value. Friendbuy works with DTC brands like Casper, AWAY, and Outdoor Voices as well as Fortune 100-ranked companies like Walmart, Disney and Nestle. Plus, Friendbuy integrates seamlessly with your tech stack, so you can incorporate referrals and loyalty seamlessly into your customer journeys.


Brands Using Friendbuy

Scale word-of-mouth marketing with ease via Friendbuy

Amplify the influence of word-of-mouth through Friendbuy's referral tool. Harness the strength of best-in-class technology seamlessly integrated into your tech stack. Friendbuy helps D2C brands scale and expedite your sales through a comprehensive and efficient referral system, maximizing the impact of satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences and driving net new customers acquisition.

Lower your CPA drastically through referral marketing

With Friendbuy, high-growth D2C brands are able to drastically scale up their customer acquisition with single-digit CPAs thanks to referrals.

Scale acquisition while growing your customer lifetime value

Friendbuy enables D2C brands to drive growth by turbocharging acquisition and enhancing customer lifetime value through a robust referral and loyalty program. The dynamic acquisition -> referral strategy helps you acquire new customers, pinpointing your most valuable customers, optimizing overall performance, and ultimately elevating customer lifetime value.

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