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Varos offers real-time benchmarks for digital marketing and revenue metrics (CAC, retention, CPM, CTR, Conversion Rate, etc.) compared to similar companies. Varos is a data co-op that has 4,500+ companies sharing critical data that tracks to be over $4B in annual ad spend.


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Varos Overview

Varos is a platform tailored for e-commerce and SaaS companies, enabling them to anonymously crowdsource marketing and business KPIs for real-time benchmarking. Users can compare their performance metrics with competitors in the same vertical and spending level. The platform boasts being the world's largest eComm & SaaS data co-op, tracking over $4B in ad spend and $15B in revenue annually. Brands and startups can gain insights into their performance relative to others, understand market trends, and forecast ad campaign costs. For agencies, Varos aids in setting KPI targets, educating clients about market trends, and showcasing strong performance relative to industry peers.

Varos Use Cases

For direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, Varos offers a suite of tools to gain a competitive edge in the market. The platform allows brands to benchmark their performance in real-time against competitors in similar verticals and spending levels. By tapping into the world's largest eComm & SaaS data co-op, D2C brands can track billions in ad spend and revenue, providing insights into market trends and performance metrics. Brands can determine if performance spikes or dips are industry-wide or specific to their company. Additionally, Varos aids in uncovering actionable opportunities for KPI improvement, forecasting ad campaign costs, and providing a data-driven snapshot of a brand's relative performance in the market.

Varos Pricing

Varos does not publicly display their monthly pricing on their website, but they offer a free trial for all new D2C brands.

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