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Global-e's end-to-end ecommerce platform enables merchants to increase international traffic conversions and drive online sales in over 200 destinations worldwide. Through a single integration, you can offer online consumers across the globe a seamless localized shopping experience tailored to their specific market preferences and aligned with your brand’s business needs and goals


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Global-e Overview

Global-e is a platform that aids Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands in international expansion by offering solutions like localized browsing, optimized international checkout processes, logistics support for cross-border selling, market penetration strategies, and risk management including fraud prevention and adherence to country-specific regulations. Through these services, Global-e simplifies the process of global sales for D2C brands, helping them maximize their return and optimize results.

Global-e Use Cases

Global-e's tool facilitates D2C brands in expanding internationally by offering localized browsing with pricing in over 100 currencies, an optimized checkout process with various payment methods, and logistical support for cross-border selling. Additionally, it provides market-penetration strategies, risk management for fraud and currency fluctuations, and adherence to country-specific regulations and import processing, simplifying global sales for D2C brands​

Global-e Pricing

Global-e's pricing model isn't publicly disclosed, likely indicating a customized pricing structure tailored to individual brands. Given the diverse challenges and needs associated with cross-border e-commerce, a customized pricing model allows Global-e to address the unique requirements of each client. Brands looking for specific pricing details are advised to contact Global-e directly, ensuring a pricing structure that aligns with their particular operational needs and budgetary considerations.

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