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Best CBD & THC Brands

The CBD, THC, Marijuan industry in eCommerce is always undergoing changes. From one day to the next you may be able to advertise your goods online - and overnight, massive businesses can be born. Seth Rogan’s stamped the industry with House Plant, but you should also check out other players like Dosist.

Quiet your mind and calm the storm. When things get hectic and it feels like the sky is falling, the CBD in Feals can bind with certain receptors in your brain to calm you down so you can have a better day.

Hello Ned
Hello Ned

Hello Ned offers full spectrum hemp products loaded with CBD, powerful cannabinoids, bioactive terpenes, & flavonoids shown to help boost health outcomes.

The Good Patch
The Good Patch

The Good Patch is revolutionizing the wellness industry with an array of elite hemp-infused and plant based patches. It's a simple, effective way to relieve life's aches and pains.

Highline Wellness
Highline Wellness

High quality CBD gummies and oils


TRIP offers a CBD range that fits effortlessly into your life, in the form or drinks and oils.


Cann gives everyone from the cannabis curious to the cannabis connoisseur a social beverage alternative that is better for the mind and body. Soon, there will be beer, wine and Cann at every social occasion.

Brez is a next-gen social tonic with THC, CBD, and Lion's Mane to elevate every moment.
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What Makes a Successful DTC CBD Brand?

A successful Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) CBD brand thrives by navigating a complex and rapidly evolving market with precision, offering high-quality products, and establishing a strong, trustworthy relationship with consumers. The CBD industry, characterized by its regulatory nuances and competitive landscape, demands that brands stand out through product integrity, innovation, and consumer education. Here's what contributes to the success of a leading DTC CBD brand:

1. Product Quality and Safety

Quality is paramount in the CBD market. Successful brands prioritize high-quality, safe CBD sources, ensuring their products are consistently pure and potent. They invest in third-party lab testing to verify product safety, cannabinoid profiles, and the absence of contaminants, and they make these test results easily accessible to consumers.

2. Transparency and Trust

Transparency about sourcing, manufacturing processes, and lab results builds consumer trust in a market that still navigates skepticism. Successful CBD brands are open about their supply chain, from hemp cultivation to extraction and product formulation, providing consumers with the confidence to choose their products.

3. Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

Navigating the legal complexities of the CBD industry is crucial. Successful brands stay abreast of federal, state, and international regulations, ensuring their products, labeling, and marketing practices comply with the latest laws, including those set by the FDA and other relevant bodies. This compliance safeguards the brand and its consumers.

4. Education and Advocacy

Given the misunderstandings and evolving research around CBD, successful brands invest in educating their consumers about the benefits, uses, and safety of CBD. Through blogs, social media, and educational resources, they advocate for CBD's potential while addressing consumer questions and concerns, positioning themselves as thought leaders in the space.

5. Brand Differentiation

With a crowded market, successful CBD brands differentiate themselves through unique product offerings, branding, and customer experiences. This might include innovative product formats, targeting specific wellness needs, or exceptional packaging and design that speaks to their brand identity.

6. Customer-Centric Shopping Experience

An intuitive, informative online shopping experience is vital. Successful DTC CBD brands offer detailed product descriptions, clear dosage guidelines, and user testimonials. They ensure the purchase process is straightforward, with responsive customer service to assist with any inquiries.

7. Community Building and Engagement

Creating a loyal community around the brand can foster repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. Successful brands engage with their audience through social media, forums, and by sponsoring or participating in industry events and wellness communities.

8. Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Eco-conscious and socially responsible practices appeal to modern consumers. Leading CBD brands often emphasize organic farming practices, sustainable packaging, and social responsibility initiatives, aligning their operations with broader environmental and ethical values.

9. Innovative Marketing Strategies

Given advertising restrictions on CBD products, successful brands get creative with their marketing strategies. This includes leveraging influencer partnerships, content marketing, SEO, and community-focused initiatives to reach their target audience.

10. Adaptability

The CBD industry is subject to rapid regulatory and market changes. Successful brands remain flexible and ready to adapt their strategies, product formulations, and business models in response to new research, consumer trends, and regulatory updates.

In essence, successful DTC CBD brands are characterized by their commitment to quality, transparency, and consumer education. They navigate the regulatory landscape with agility, engage deeply with their communities, and continuously innovate to meet consumer needs and preferences, all while upholding the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

What Are Some of The Best DTC CBD Brands?

Charlotte's Web - Renowned for their high-quality, full-spectrum hemp extract, Charlotte's Web is a leader in the CBD industry. They offer a wide range of products including oils, capsules, and topicals.

Joy Organics - A family-founded brand that prides itself on organic, broad-spectrum CBD products. They are known for their tinctures, gummies, and softgels that are THC-free.

Lazarus Naturals - Offering some of the most affordable CBD products on the market without compromising on quality. They are particularly noted for their high potency options and assistance programs for those in need.

CBDistillery - A brand that aims to provide high-quality, U.S.-grown, hemp-derived CBD products at fair prices. They have a wide product line including oils, gummies, and topicals.

Green Roads - Pharmacist-founded and boasting a variety of award-winning CBD products, Green Roads offers oils, edibles, and topicals formulated by licensed pharmacists.

Medterra - Known for their seed-to-sale policy, Medterra offers CBD products made from U.S. Hemp Authority-certified non-GMO industrial hemp. They have a range of products including tinctures, capsules, and topicals.

Lord Jones - Offering premium CBD products, Lord Jones is known for their luxury CBD oils, lotions, and gummies. They cater to a high-end market with beautifully packaged products.

FAB CBD - Focused on preventative wellness, FAB CBD offers a variety of CBD products such as oils, gummies, creams, and dog treats. They are appreciated for their focus on customer care and product quality.

These brands have been recognized for their commitment to quality, safety, and transparency, making them standouts in the DTC CBD market.