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Referral Candy

Referral Candy
Loyalty & Referal
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ReferralCandy helps online stores attract new customers, increase sales and grow their brand with easy-to-setup and automated referral and affiliate programs.

Referral Candy

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Referral Candy Features

ReferralCandy is tailored for managing referral marketing campaigns. Key features include seamless integration with various eCommerce platforms, automation of referral invitations, analytical insights, customizable templates for campaigns, multiple channel support for referrals, and a dedicated support team. Use cases range from boosting sales by leveraging customer referrals, improving email marketing performance through referral add-ons, to enhancing retargeting strategies by building an audience engaged with referral offers

Referral Candy Use Cases

D2C brands utilize ReferralCandy to enhance customer loyalty and sales through referral programs. Key use cases include: driving new customer acquisitions by rewarding existing customers for referrals, automating referral tracking and rewards distribution, analyzing referral data to optimize marketing strategies, and integrating with eCommerce platforms for seamless referral campaign management. This enables D2C brands to leverage satisfied customers as brand advocates, thereby fostering organic growth and enhancing customer engagement.

Referral Candy Pricing

ReferralCandy offers three pricing tiers. The "Premium" plan, at $47/month (billed yearly) plus a 3.5% commission fee, is aimed at small businesses and includes unlimited customers, dashboard & data reports, live chat support, and advanced fraud management. The "Plus" plan, at $239/month (billed yearly) plus a 1.5% commission fee, targets faster-growing teams, adding premium support, dedicated account managers, and quarterly campaign reviews. For larger organizations, the "Enterprise" plan offers custom pricing with no commission fees, including everything in the "Plus" plan along with unlimited campaigns, custom integrations, and analytics consultation

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