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Privy is one of the leading ecommerce marketing automation platforms that helps D2C brands grow their sales and contact lists, improve their customer shopping experience and automate key aspects of their marketing efforts.


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Easily scale your email & SMS subscriber lists
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What is Privy?

Privy is an email and SMS marketing platform built for busy Shopify founders and solo marketers in mind. Pairing intuitive tools with expertise from real people, Privy helps D2C brands grow their revenue quickly through:

  • Best in class list growth & conversion tools to fuel your marketing programs
  • Easy-to-use email and SMS tools
  • High performing automations that will drive sales 24/7
  • Smart defaults and templates to help you get started fast
  • Coaching and support from real people

Privy’s all-in-one platform helps brands simplify their marketing while driving better performance across their entire customer marketing stack.

Grow Your Email & SMS Lists with Privy

One of the key ways that Privy helps D2C brands grow their revenue and store performance is through their engaging pop ups and website displays. Privy Convert helps brands turn passive store visitors into engaged, high-value customers through popups, flyouts and other high-converting displays.

Checkout the latest updates to the Privy Convert creation experience (and be on the lookout for more updates from the Privy team here soon! 👀)

New Customer Offers

Privy helps brands incentivize new customers to purchase with first-time discounts, offers and more in exchange for their email or phone number. The popups are engaging and make it seamless for store visitors to redeem their discounts and offers all in one place.

Spin-To-Win Popups

Privy is the leading tool that offers spin-to-win popups for D2C brands. Spin-to-win popups are known as one of the most engaging popups a brand could have on their store and Privy is the leading provider of them. The platform makes it easy to set one up, activate it and customize the entire customer experience to match your brand.

Mobile-Optimized From The Start

Having your entire popup and flyout strategy be mobile-first and mobile-optimized is critical for success. Privy’s platform makes it seamless to build everything in a mobile-first way that enhances your customer’s experience and seamlessly fits into their shopping behavior.

Going beyond 1 welcome popup

Privy Convert doesn’t just help with list growth on your website. You can leverage Privy’s suite of display offerings to drive urgency, increase average order value and enhance your email & SMS segmentation. Launch plays like a Free Shipping Bar, Cross-Sell, Announcement Banners, Landing Pages and more with Privy.

Privy Email

Privy’s email platform is the perfect email solution designed for busy Shopify founders and solo marketers in mind. In general, the platform is designed to be very user-friendly and filled with features that you and your customers actually use on a day-to-day basis.

Drag And Drop Editor

Privy makes it simple for you to design best-in-class emails that you customers will love. The Privy drag and drop email editor is easy to use for all - you don’t have to be an expert and specialized email marketer to be able to create premium-looking emails for your automations and campaigns. Plus, with Privy’s Shopify integration, you can seamlessly pull in your products to create high converting emails.

Simple, but Powerful Customer Segmentation

Privy allows brands to create robust customer lists and segments based on their behaviors, email engagement and purchase history. You can easily send campaigns and trigger flows for specific customer segments within Privy, or elect to leverage Privy’s Smart Segments that do it all for you.

Automate & Drive Performance While You Sleep

Privy’s platform makes it easy for you to activate powerful automations that you can rely on to constantly be driving sales for your store (so you can spend time on everything else you need to do!). With Privy’s smart defaults and templates, you can get started with proven recipes and configure them to meet your needs. Privy’s automations cover the most important touchpoints—welcome series, abandoned cart, purchase follow up and customer winback emails. 

Privy Customer Success

Privy offers best in class customer success that you won’t find anywhere else. When you work with a Privy Customer Success manager, it will feel like an extension of your team. Get 1:1 migration support, personalized strategy sessions, exclusive resources, priority support and so much more.

See how this program has helped to enhance Truly Lifestyle Brand’s experience with Privy

Privy Pricing

Privy offers a flexible pricing model tailored for various business needs, structured around three main plans: Starter, Growth, and Convert.

The Starter plan, starting at $30 per month, is ideal for those focusing on email marketing, providing unlimited email sends and pop-ups, along with email automations and customer support.

The Growth plan starts at $45 per month, adding SMS capabilities and a larger scale of operations suitable for more extensive contact lists. 

The Convert plan, priced based on monthly pageviews, is designed for those prioritizing on-site conversions with unlimited pop-ups and email integrations.

All plans feature scalable pricing based on the size of the user's contact list or site traffic, with no annual contracts or email sending limits.


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Privy Alternatives and Similar Tools