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The central source of truth for your eCommerce store, view all your meaningful data from a customizable dashboard or mobile app. In addition to all that, the Triple Whale pixel gives you accurate first/last click attribution to help increase your ROI on ad spend.
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The 7 Fastest Growing eCommerce Software Companies in 2023

Breaking down 7 of the fastest growing eCommerce software companies in 2023.

At 1-800-D2C, we have access to incredible usage metrics and growth data behind the majority of eCommerce software tools. 

We have over 1,250+ D2C brands listed in our directory – for each brand we get to analyze and understand their entire technology stack. This gives 1-800-D2C proprietary insights into which software tools are rapidly growing, which tools have highest usage metrics in the ecosystem and which tools are declining in use. 

To find the fastest growing eCommerce tools, we leveraged our proprietary tech stack data of over 1,250 D2C brands and publicly available usage metrics from partners like BuiltWith.

If you’re looking to find better eCommerce technology tools for your business or are just curious about some of the fastest growing tools, then this article is for you. Let’s discuss 7 of the fastest-growing eCommerce software tools in 2023!

1. Triple Whale

Triple whale stores
Triple Whale

Triple Whale is an all-in-one ecommerce operating system that offers comprehensive data insights, integrations with popular applications like Shopify and Klaviyo, and proprietary tracking capabilities through the Triple Pixel. It provides a customizable dashboard for businesses to access real-time performance data, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize marketing strategies. Triple Whale also stands out with its server-side pixel option, unlimited users, automated reporting, and various features dedicated to enhancing transparency and efficiency for ecommerce companies.

According to BuiltWith, over 19,000 websites across the entire internet use Triple Whale.

Across over 1,250+ D2C brands in our directory, 304 leverage Triple Whale in their technology stacks.

2. Unbounce

unbounce stores

Unbounce is one of the leading eCommerce landing page builders. The platform pulls data from over 1.5 billion conversions and uses AI to help you create high-performing, on-brand landing pages.

According to BuiltWith, over 191,000 websites across the entire internet use Unbounce. Not only does Unbounce service eCommerce companies, but they also serve B2B companies as well as service businesses.

Across over 1,250+ D2C brands in our directory, 251 leverage Unbounce in their technology stacks.

3. Northbeam

northbeam stores

Northbeam is a marketing intelligence platform for enterprise D2C brands. Northbeam provides brands with media mix modeling (MMM), multi-touch attribution (MTA), and incrementality studies, all powered by machine learning and first-party data. With Northbeam's advanced browser-based tracking, D2C brands can attribute sales to ads, forecast more accurately, and run more efficient marketing.

According to BuiltWith, over 4,000 websites across the entire internet use Northbeam.

Across over 1,250+ D2C brands in our directory, 170 leverage Northbeam in their technology stacks.

4. Klaviyo

klaviyo stores

Klaviyo helps eCommerce companies on Shopify develop their digital relationships with an intelligent marketing automation platform that is fueled by all of your customer and designed from day one for scale.

Klaviyo makes it easy to create, deliver, and optimize incredibly sophisticated and personalized experiences across email, SMS, mobile apps and reviews. To date, Klaviyo notes that they have over 130,000 paying customers (this is a verified metric based on their recently-filed S1).

According to BuiltWith, over 800,000 websites across the internet leverage Klaviyo. SimilarWeb notes that Klaviyo is also one of the fastest growing technology websites in the world.

Across over 1,250+ D2C brands in our directory, 1,027 leverage Klaviyo in their technology stacks. That's almost 90% of all D2C brands!

5. Gorgias

gorgias stores

Gorgias is a transformative ecommerce helpdesk solution, renowned for its ability to convert customer service into a lucrative aspect of business operations. Tailored exclusively for ecommerce ventures, Gorgias redefines customer support at all phases of a company's expansion journey. Leveraging advanced automation and AI features, Gorgias reshapes the way online stores engage with customers through omnichannel support, chatbots, Macros, Rules, and the insightful tracking of support performance and revenue statistics.

According to BuiltWith, over 46,000 websites across the internet leverage Gorgias for customer support.

Across over 1,250+ D2C brands in our directory, 381 leverage Gorgias in their technology stacks. That's almost 50% of all D2C brands!

7. Recharge

recharge stores

Recharge is a prominent subscription payments platform serving merchants who seek efficient management of dynamic recurring billing solutions across both web and mobile platforms. Through their specialized software and tools, Recharge empowers eCommerce companies to seamlessly offer subscription services, facilitate mobile payments, and expertly oversee recurring billing processes for their range of products and services.

According to BuiltWith, over 81,000 websites across the internet leverage Recharge for eCommerce subscriptions.

Across over 1,250+ D2C brands in our directory, 513 brands leverage Recharge in their technology stacks. That's almost 50% of all D2C brands!

What's the fastest growing eCommerce technology company?

Klaviyo is widely recognized as the fastest-growing eCommerce tech companies, renowned for its intelligent marketing automation platform tailored for Shopify businesses. With a customer-centric approach, Klaviyo empowers over 130,000 paying customers, serving more than 800,000 websites across the internet and being an essential technology stack component for approximately 90% of all Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands listed in their directory. Klaviyo's exceptional growth is testament to its ability to create, deliver, and optimize highly personalized experiences, making it a dominant force in the eCommerce tech industry.


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