Triple Whale Review: eCommerce Analytics Software

Triple Whale Review: eCommerce Analytics Software

RC Williams
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I’m the founder, CEO and growth marketer behind my direct-to-consumer brand Rejuvia and I’ve been using Triple Whale for more than 10 months. 

In this article, I write my honest and objective review of Triple Whale. I tell you exactly what I use the platform to do for my eCommerce business and how Triple Whale is integrated into our everyday workflows.

I also give you details on the core features and functionalities of Triple Whale as well as it’s pricing model. 

If you’re reading then, then you are definitely in the market for an eCommerce analytics and data platform like Triple Whale. As a founder and CEO who has used Triple Whale every day for almost a full year now, my review and commentary will help you make a decision on whether to add Triple Whale to your eCommerce business or not.

My honest review here is not paid and Triple Whale did not encourage me to write about them. I’m simply writing an objective review about Triple Whale because it has delivered immense value to my eCommerce business and saved me countless hours with manual data aggregation tasks.

Table of Contents:

  1. Triple Whale Overview
  2. Triple Whale Key Features
  3. How I Use Triple Whale
  4. Triple Whale Pricing
  5. My Closing Thoughts
Triple whale review from an eCommerce CEO
Triple Whale

Overview of Triple Whale: eCommerce Analytics and Data Platform

Triple Whale is a new eCommerce analytics and data platform mainly for direct-to-consumer Shopify brands. The company was started shortly after iOS-14 was released back in 2021. The purpose of Triple Whale is to provide eCommerce businesses with realtime, accurate financial reporting, marketing analytics and customer data. 

You get to see important eCommerce metrics with Triple Whale: customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, contribution margin, return on ad spend and many more. 

One of the main value propositions of Triple Whale is that it centralizes all of your eCommerce data into one beautiful, easy-to-use platform. With Triple Whale, you don’t need to use spreadsheets, multiple Shopify apps and more to know how your eCommerce business is performing. Triple Whale centralizes everything for you to deliver the most up-to-date and accurate data for your eCommerce store. 

The most used product on Triple Whale is their dashboard. It has a very sleek design and can be customized as much as you would like. You can build custom reporting sections based on your needs and even create custom metrics. 

I personally love the fact that you can enter all of your eCommerce business’s costs into Triple Whale and get a truly accurate net profit number every single day. 

Triple Whale integrates with almost every eCommerce software you use: Facebook, Google, Klaviyo, Amazon, Recharge and more. The integrations are very easy to set up and Triple Whale consistently releases new integrations every month. 

One of the main cons of Triple Whale is that they only support Shopify stores for now.

Tripe whale dashboard review from a CEO
Triple Whale Dashboard

Key Features of Triple Whale’s eCommerce Data Platform

Triple Whale’s eCommerce data platform has a lot of features. It can practically do anything you would like it to do - the possibilities of how to manipulate your eCommerce data are endless with Triple Whale.

Here are a few of the key Triple Whale features and functionalities: 

  • Highly Customizable Dashboard
  • Real-Time Financial Reporting
  • Daily Profit Tracking
  • Customer 60/90 Day LTV Calculations
  • Customer Product Journeys
  • Paid Marketing Attribution Pixel
  • Channel-Specific Analytics (Email, SMS, etc.)
  • Predictive Analysis

The features that I use most for my eCommerce business are the customizable Triple Whale dashboard, the real-time financial reporting and the in-depth customer data analysis tools. 

Before Triple Whale, I used to use over 5+ apps and spreadsheets to get a semi-accurate picture of how my eCommerce business was performing. It would never be real-time, either. But Triple Whale has solved that for me with the dashboard feature.

triple whale cohort analysis review
Triple Whale Cohort Analysis

As An eCommerce Founder and CEO, Here’s How I Use Triple Whale Every Single Day

Look, I don’t use every single feature on Triple Whale and probably won’t ever do so. I don’t think our eCommerce business is complex enough to need all of the features. It has been the most powerful eCommerce analytics tool we have used that pulls in all of our data into a centralized location to get real-time updates.

Here are the key Triple Whale features I use everyday as an eCommerce CEO:

Daily Dashboard

I probably use the Triple Whale dashboard more than any other dashboard in my business. It’s incredibly powerful and I customized it with metrics to fit our exact eCommerce needs. I also added in all of our costs (COGs, agency costs, shipping, transaction costs, etc) so I can get a true idea of how much profit we make every single day.

Every single month, the profit that Triple Whale shows is within ~$100 of our “true” audited profit – you can make your Triple Whale dashboard that accurate.

Marketing Channel Analytics

I also use the channel analytics and customer data functionalities each day. I’m able to see exactly how much revenue Facebook, Google and Klaviyo drove us each day with 100% accuracy. This helps me decide on marketing budgets, strategies and optimizations. 

Customer Data Functionalities

I probably don’t use these every single day, but certainly every week. I’m able to get a crystal-clear picture of my customer's 60/90 day LTVs all the way down to the product. I’m also able to understand our customer product journey – which product we acquire them on and which product they purchased on their second order and more. It’s very powerful and has delivered incredible insights into our business.

I also leverage their beautiful cohort analysis tool. I’m able to track exactly how much LTV every cohort of customers have produced for the last 12 months. I’m able to compare customers I acquired in November to those in June and see how LTVs differ. It’s simple to set up and requires no complicated development work. 

triple whale benchmark data review
Triple Whale Benchmark Data

eCommerce Benchmark Metrics

Being able to see how the general eCommerce market is doing on any given day is very valuable to our business and Triple Whale makes it easy with their benchmark feature. It is the largest aggregated set of eCommerce real-time data available. 

I check our performance against our category-specific benchmarks every single day. It’s even more useful because you can filter by category, AOV and spend level, so you get a really accurate picture of how you compare to your eCommerce peers. When your eCommerce store is having a rough day, it’s useful to be able to see if the general market is down or if it’s a store-specific downtrend. 

Triple Whale’s ChatGPT-based Willy

This is one of Triple Whale’s newer features in 2023 but I’m starting to integrate it into our team’s daily workflow. It’s essentially a data analyst in your pocket - you can ask Willy anything you want (similarly to ChatGPT) but it has all of your store’s data in it. This means you can ask questions like, “who are the top 5 spending customers for my eCommerce store?” and more. 

triple whale chatgpt integration
Triple Whale Willy

Other Key Features of Triple Whale:

There are a few other key features of Triple Whale that I don’t personally use for my 8-figure eCommerce store but thousands of other merchants do. Here they are:

Triple Whale’s Creative Cockpit

This feature helps you generate real-time creative reports of individual ads, ad sets and types of creative (statics, videos, etc). I personally still leverage the Facebook UX for this reporting since that is where I do all of my media buying.

Triple Whale’s Triple Pixel

I also personally don’t use the Triple Pixel and still leverage all of our individual ad-platform pixels. I’ve heard from thousands of other eCommerce merchants that the Triple Pixel helps them track ad performance on paid social. I’ve also seen how it can connect inventory with marketing and budget allocation.

Triple Whale’s Triple Pixel is supposed to help you get a “truthful” picture on how your ads are actually doing on paid social channels. There is some debate about this and how accurate it can truly be and that’s why I still just leverage the pixels provided by the ad platforms. 

Triple Whale Pricing 

For the value Triple Whale provides to my eCommerce business, I would personally say that Triple Whale is too cheap. I would happily pay much more for the platform based on how much value it provides our eCommerce business. 

Their plans are based off of your store’s revenue and they just released a free plan in 2023.

I believe we pay about $349/month for Triple Whale. Triple Whale delivers us at least 10x the value back without question.

Just recently in 2023, Triple Whale launched new pricing plans: Growth, Pro and Enterprise. They’re all affordable and start at $129, $199 and $279/month respectively.

triple whale pricing review
Triple Whale Pricing

Who Is Triple Designed To Help Most?

Triple Whale is a beautifully-designed and simple solution for eCommerce business owners and marketers like myself. Triple Whale helps you make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts and business performance. The platform also helps you uncover new and important insights into your customer data.

Triple Whale is generally best for eCommerce businesses that are doing above $1M in annual revenue. Below that revenue threshold, you might not be able to take advantage of all of the key features of Triple Whale due to a lack of data and revenue.

The sweet spot for Triple Whale customers is $1M to $20M in revenue.

What Are The Key Benefits of Triple Whale?

Triple Whale allows you to easily manage, analyze and automate your eCommerce analytics, marketing attribution, forecasting and business performance.

In a simple and easy-to-use platform, Triple Whale lets you bring the metrics that matter most to your eCommerce business into the palm of your hand. You get access to real-time insights and data updates that help you grow your business and generate more profit.

My Final Thoughts on Triple Whale

Look, there are a lot of eCommerce marketing analytics tools out there. There’s no denying that. But I’ve tried a lot of them (Polar Analytics, Hyros, Northbeam) on my eCommerce store and can confidently say that Triple Whale has delivered us the most value. 

I believe Triple Whale is absolutely worth the cost and investment for your eCommerce business. It's the most powerful eCommerce analytics tool my eCommerce business has used. Triple Whale is very effective at providing our eCommerce business critical insights into our marketing performance and customer data.

Is Triple Whale Worth It?

The bottom line is that the Triple Whale helps my eCommerce business make more money. That’s all I care about. If Triple Whale was just another software that charged me $349/month and I couldn’t see a clear ROI, I wouldn’t use it. Triple Whale is absolutely worth the cost based on the value it has brought to my business.

But for my eCommerce brand, it absolutely has helped us generate more profit through better marketing budget allocation, understanding our LTV by product and customer cohort as well as benchmarking ourselves against market data. 

So if you’re in the market for Triple Whale, I would encourage you to give it a try and see how it can add value to your eCommerce business like it did mine.

And yes, if you do complete a demo of Triple Whale, 1-800-D2C will receive a $100 kickback, but that’s not the reason why I wrote up my review. I genuinely feel like Triple Whale has helped me profitably grow my business and I believe software tools that do so should get more honest reviews from eCommerce operators like myself.

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Thank you for reading my honest and objective review of Triple Whale. I hope it added value.