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Black Crow AI

Black Crow AI
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Black Crow AI is a no-code AI platform for Shopify, designed to unlock valuable insights from data and enhance marketing strategies through real-time predictions. It offers features like Smart ID for recognizing and reaching more customers, Predictive Offer for boosting email/SMS sign-ups, and Predictive Audiences for effective retargeting. The platform leverages machine learning to interpret over 450 signals across user sessions, enabling businesses to better understand, engage, and retain their customers, thereby aiming to increase revenue by up to 20% through improved user identification and engagement

Black Crow AI

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Black Crow Artificial Intelligence

The Black Crow AI platform has three core products: Predictive Offer, Smart ID and Predictive Audiences. Smart ID helps D2C brands enrich their first-party data to reach more potential customers, Predictive Offer helps boost user opt-in with predictive welcome offers and Predictive Audiences helps brands retarget on paid social significantly more profitably.

Black Crow Smart ID

Black Crow's Smart ID helps businesses identify anonymous site visitors to enhance marketing across various channels. It tackles the challenges posed by third-party cookie restrictions, enabling the recognition of customers across sessions indefinitely. Smart ID integrates with platforms like Facebook to improve event match quality, and with email systems to identify anonymous users on your list, thereby growing revenue. It also enhances the intelligence of your marketing stack by providing better quality data for machine-learning predictions, contributing to a smarter AI and improved marketing performance.

Black Crow Results

Black Crow AI helps D2C brands scale their marketing more profitably by improving ROAS by 30% or more, turning email marketing into a significant asset by boosting owned channel revenue by 50%, and optimizing other channel strategies for better profit. Additionally, Black Crow helps to boost email profitability by growing addressable audiences by over 125%. The more users Black Crow helps you identify, the more users you can enter into your email marketing campaigns and flows.

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