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Brij is a no-code platform helping omnichannel brands “bridge” the data gap across ALL channels, including retail & marketplaces. Brands use Brij’s QR code experiences & digital rebates to drive retail velocity, share content, and collect valuable zero & first party data.


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Turn Unowned Channels Into Owned

Top omnichannel brands leverage Brij to capture customer insights, drive revenue and expand LTV in unowned sales channels. Brij helps brands capture customer names, emails, and locations — helping them acquire previously hard-to-get first party data.

Educate and Engage Customers With Brij

Brij enables D2C brands to create engaging product experiences for their customers and most loyal fans — through unique QR code experiences, you can give customers access to digital experiences and more with a simple scan.

Build, Print, Collect and Analyze All Within The Brij Platform

When you launch a QR code campaign with Brij, you can manage the entire process all in one place — from building and printing the QR codes to capturing and analyzing your first party data, Brij centralizes everything into an easy-to-use platform.

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