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Rep AI

Rep AI
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Rep AI is the world's first AI-driven shopping concierge for D2C brands. With Rep AI, brands are able to convert up to 3x more passive shoppers by actively engaging with them through interactive chatting and personalized shopping experiences.

Rep AI

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Rep’s Rescue Algorithm

With Rep, D2C brands are able to say “hi” to their shoppers at the right moment and convert up to 3x more traffic. The algorithm leverages thousands of data points to figure out when a user is about to exit your store and crafts a contextual message to keep them engaged.

Advanced AI To Enhance Product Discovery

Rep’s AI concierge helps shoppers find the products they want in the variation they want more easily. Rep’s Advanced AI can recommend products to customers, help customers find products on high-SKU stores and increase AOV through upsells. Rep AI acts as a personal shopper concierge that offers incredible service — which ultimate leads to more sales. With Rep, D2C brands are able to offer personalized service at scale.

Rep AI Pricing

Rep AI bases their pricing on the number of monthly sessions your store receives. Their pricing plans start at just $79/month and scale up as your traffic and usage grows. Rep AI also offers all merchants a 30-day free trial and a 60-day money back guarantee if brands don’t 5x their investment. Additionally, Rep offers annual pricing plans for merchants to save more.

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