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StateSet ReSponse

StateSet ReSponse
CX & Helpdesk
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The ReSponse App instantly responds to customers based on your company data; reducing first response times and resolution delays. You get AI powered automation for your CX team needs, without the AI hallucinations.

StateSet ReSponse

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StateSet ReSponse Overview

StateSet ReSponse is a cutting-edge AI Assistant designed to revolutionize customer service for Shopify brands. Utilizing GPT-4 LLM and Vector Embeddings technologies, it generates customer service responses based on your unique company data, substantially reducing first response and resolution times. The tool significantly enhances efficiency across various customer service metrics, notably increasing subscription retention by 80% and decreasing return cycle time by 44%. StateSet ReSponse seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Gorgias, automating responses to customer queries, streamlining post-purchase workflows like returns and warranty management. Its advanced tech ensures a personal touch in automated responses, leaving customers satisfied and loyal to your brand.

Scale Your CX Quality and Efficiency

StateSet Response is built to ingest a large volume of brand documents, policies, product information and more from brands in order to create custom responses. StateSet also boasts lightning-fast resolution times (under 5 minutes) for your customers. You can leverage the full capabilities of StateSet with post-purchase automations — Returns Management Automation, Warranty Management, Shipping Label Creation and more. Most importantly, though, is that StateSet helps drive unparalleled customer satisfaction scores. Its state-of-the-art GPT4 technology ensures that each interaction leaves your customers satisfied, enhancing brand loyalty and driving repeat customers.

StateSet ReSponse Pricing

StateSet ReSponse has fair, transparent and affordable prices for D2C brands. They offer 3 tiers of pricing plans: Free, Starter, and Pro. The Free plan is priced at $0 per month with basic features, the Starter at $1 per month with added configurability, and the Pro plan, meant for fast-growing D2C businesses, is priced at $350 per month with advanced features and integrations. Each plan is designed to cater to different levels of CX automation needs for Shopify and Gorgias merchants, ensuring there are no hidden costs involved.

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