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Did you know that 20% of your website traffic hits the order tracking experience? Turn all of that customer engagement into customer loyalty. Malomo helps you get ahead of shipping issues, brand your order tracking experience, and reconvert shoppers while they wait for their package to arrive.

Launch a tracking page in 2 clicks. Seriously.

Malomo provides Shopify brands with no-code tracking pages on your Shopify storefront so you can create and manage breathtaking tracking experiences right inside your Shopify theme. Use Malomo's Tracking Page Creator to easily add existing imagery, color schemes and all the Shopify apps you love to your shipment tracking page. With just two clicks, launch your tracking page directly in your Shopify account, no matter your theme. The built-in shipment tracking block easily connects your order and carrier data to each unique customer, creating a personalized and seamless experience for everyone

Beautifully branded transactional email & SMS notifications

Build your brand and reduce "where is my order" support tickets with every post-purchase touchpoint. Malomo helps Shopify brands create order tracking experiences that inspire, delight and convert--even when things go wrong. Build proactive branded shipping notifications to improve customer satisfaction and keep your customers informed about the status of their order. 84% of customers won’t return after one bad shipping experience. In a world where delays and problem orders are bound to happen, don’t let customer frustration rein. Instead, proactively send timely (and beautiful) transactional emails and SMS notifications. Not only do you gain control over the design of your post-purchase experience with Malomo, but you can also add more flexibility into your workflow segmentation. With our triggers such as Fulfilled, Shipped, Out for Delivery, Delivered, Return to Sender, and 10+ more possibilities, you can automate post-purchase emails and texts based off of the definitions you create with your team.

The order tracking data you’ve been looking for

Know exactly what’s happening with your shipments and carrier performances so you stay ahead of your consumers every step of the way. With Malomo’s dashboard, you have access to all of your shipments, all in one place. Your CX and Ops teams can filter and segment order delivery data to ID issues, optimize your carrier strategy, and deliver a magical experience every time. Filter by shipping status, carrier, destination and on-time performance. Malomo’s advanced algorithms analyze your order data to detect issues and trends in your system. You define your problem parameters, and Malomo’s Problem Orders Reporting monitors and detects those issues as they happen.

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